Zagorochoria Voidomatis River

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Location: Vikos

River Voidomatis in Zagoria: River Voidomatis flows across the villages of Zagoria, Epirus. It is one of the most scenic natural attractions in Greece. This river is a famous active holiday destination for tourists from all over the world. It is also characterized by the traditional stone bridges along it and it is famous for its clean water, as it is probably the cleanest river in Europe. Its smooth, crystal-clear and friendly water offers a lot of excitement and fun to the adventure sports lovers. The grey rocks and the green vegetation are perfectly blended with the turquoise water of the river.

Rafting, canyoning, canoeing, river trekking and such are among the popular water sports practiced in Voidomatis River. Many sports organizations frequently organize courses of water sports along Voidomatis River as well as excursions. Note that Voidomatis crosses the famous Vikos-Aoos Natural Reserve, which is among the most precious and beautiful natural reserves in Greece.

The water route to Voidomatis starts at the village of Vikos, where the spring of Voidomatis originates. Vikos Gorge is very deep, measuring about 1km deep and 1,100m wide. There is a track among the lush forests, which leads down to the river. The greenish-blue waters flow at the bottom of the gorge. The view to the National Park of Vikos is amazing from the inside of the track, that stretches for about 12 km. Around Voidomatis River, you will find traditional Zagorian villages and beautiful Byzantine Monasteries, such as the Monastery of Panagia Spileotissa, dedicated to Virgin Mary.



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