Find out everything about your holidays in Zagorochoria on our travel guide! Zagorochoria is a beautiful mountainous region in Epirus. Located on the western side of Greece, Zagorochoria is, in fact, a complex of 46 picturesque villages nestled in the heart of nature. These beautiful villages stand out for their trademark traditional architecture, wild natural landscape, and rustic setting. You can visit Zagorochoria for holidays or do a day trip from Ioannina, the largest town in Epirus.

Thanks to its location, Zagorochoria Greece is a popular autumn and winter holiday destination in Greece. Over the years, Zagorochoria has emerged as a top alternative destination for extreme sports and activities, such as rafting in Voidomatis river, horse riding, and trekking. The most impressive place in Zagorochoria -and also an ideal place for hiking- is hands down Vikos Gorge. It is the second deepest (!) gorge in the world after the Grand Canyon.

And if you love exploration, you’ll be happy to know that Parga is the perfect base for excursions to the nearby Sivota, Preveza, and Lefkada.

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Zagorochoria Greece is a complex of mountainous villages located on the north-western side of the country, in the Epirus region. Zagorochoria villages look like postcards! Made up of traditional stone-made houses, narrow alleys and grey-tiled roofs, the villages of Zagorochoria ooze charm in abundance. This incredibly beautiful region is still untouched by international tourists, so it is a perfect holiday destination off the beaten tourist trail.

Thanks to its breathtaking natural landscape, Zagorochoria has emerged as a top destination for alternative holidays. Extreme sports and activities, such as hiking, rafting, trekking, climbing, and horse riding have become quite popular over the years. More specifically, hiking in Vikos Gorge (the second deepest gorge in the world, after the Grand Canyon) and rafting at Voidomatis river are some of the best things to do in Zagorochoria.

Its breathtaking natural landscape and mountainous setting make Zagorochoria a great destination for autumn and winter holidays. What's more, Zagorochoria is a great destination for ski holidays, as there are some ski centers nearby!

A trip to Zagorochora is a good chance to explore the nearby towns, such as Ioannina, a beautiful town located by a lake!

The extraordinary setting of Zagorochoria Greece will enchant you!

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The region of Zagorohoria can be reached by bus or car. The central bus station of the region is located in Ioannina. The closest airport is Ioannina National Airport.


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  • Vikos Gorge
    The gorge of Vikos is the second deepest gorge in the world, after the Grand Canyon in the USA. This is a wonderful place for sports like climbing and hiking.
  • Papigo village
    Papigo is a picturesque village in Zagoria, with traditional architecture and surrounded by wild mountains. This is a good base for excursions in the region.
  • Rocks pool
    The rocks pool area is geological formation in the river offering natural pools
  • Voidomatis River
    Voidomatis is a beautiful river that crosses the natural park of Vikos-Aoos. Visitors can practice many sports there, including rafting, canoe kayak and river trekking.
  • Monodendri village
    Monodendri is a beautiful village with traditional architecture. Many trekking paths start from Monodendri so that visitors can explore the region.
  • Plakida bridge
    The bridge of Plakidas or Kalogeriko is a three-stringer bridge that was built in 1814 and it is situated near the villages of Koukouli