Zagorochoria Vikos Gorge

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Location: Vikos

The Gorge of Vikos in Zagoria: Vikos Gorge or Vikos Gap is located in the mountainous area of Epirus, to the northwest part of Greece and it is an extremely spectacular gorge. In fact, it is the second deepest Gorge in the world, after the Grand Canyon in the USA. The extremely steep walls of Vikos Gorge rise to a height of 1,040 meters in several places, providing breath-taking views of this unique natural phenomenon. Voidomatis River crosses Vikos Gorge and gives beautiful natural sceneries.

Vikos-Aoos National Park was founded in 1973 and extends for 126 square km. It consists of Vikos Gorge, Mount Tymfi, Aoos River and some Zagorian villages. It has rare species of flora and fauna, such as bears, deer, foxes, and birds, which are protected by the Vikos-Aoos National Park System.

Vikos Gorge is a popular destination for practicing many sports. Apart from climbing and mountain-biking, the most popular activity in the area is hiking. Many clubs frequently organize walking excursions along the paved paths of Zagoria. The excursions include the famous stone bridges and the Byzantine monasteries of Zagoria as well as visits to picturesque villages. However, it is quite dangerous to try it alone, because it is very easy to get lost. You always need a guide to hike around Vikos Gorge.



1 Reviews
  • hfjsk44 07 Feb 2011
    What an amazing view
    This is truly one of the most important sights in Zagoria plus it is among the best gorges in Europe. The gorge runs from Monodendri to the village of Vikos. The locals told us that this is the best way to cross it but we were not ready for such a dangerous operation. We took our (rental) bikes and went riding to the famous Monastery of Agia Paraskevi which is abandoned today. It offers a breathtaking view from up there as it is built at the edge of a rough rock of Vikos Gorge. Visitors can safely watch the view from a terrace of the chapel whereas there are numerous caves located east of the monastery.

    As we rode through a pleasant route, we made a short stop on the bridge of Kokori. Notice its exceptional architecture and style. We returned at the road to Vitsa and Monodendri and went straight where the road leads to village Aristi. We made a short stop there and we had a coffee at the square under a big plane. We headed back to Monodendri and enjoyed the rest of the day by walking around the village. It is a difficult route but an incredible visit! My advice is to go in spring, when the day is longer and the weather is better. In winter, it is very snowy in Zagoria and can be dangerous. In Vikos Gorge, we also saw some people mountain climbing. They seemed to put a lot of effort, but probably had fun!