Zagorochoria Things to Do

As this destination gets very popular in winter, things to do in Zagorochoria are many. There are many organized things to do in Zagorochoria. The region is ideal for total relaxation in the countryside. A very enjoyable activity in Zagorochoria is hiking. Many old footpaths cross the region and lead to tiny chapels, mountainous villages, forests, riversides and traditional bridges. These footpaths were in the past the only way of connection between the villages of Zagorochoria.

The region of Zagoria is a popular destination for rafting, river trekking, and canoe kayak. Climbing is also popular in the Gorge of Vikos, the second deepest gorge in the world, and other mountainous in the region of Epirus. At a distance of 1-hour drive from Zagoria, there are also ski centers for skiing and snowboarding, such as the ski center of Vasilitsa in Grevena.

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