Museums in Zagorochoria

Zagoria is one of the most famous mountainous destinations for both winter and summer vacation. Blessed with a unique natural beauty and exquisite monuments, the local tradition and history are apparent in several museums. Among the most important places of interest, the Rizarios Centre for Exhibitions is included in the village of Monodendri. The building itself is dedicated to the Rizari brothers who originated from Monodendri and offered a substantial financial aid to the Greek War of Independence. Due to this fact, the center was named after them and today it is enriched with a beautiful photo archive and operates as a school for traditional arts, offering free training.

The Museum of Traditional Jobs provides a rich folklore material including tools and vessels that locals used in daily life. It lies in Elafotopos, one of the most picturesque villages in Zagoria. Lazarides Museum of fauna and flora is unique for the nature lovers. It was established by the known naturalist Lazarides who dedicated his life to the collection of species of plants from Vikos Gorge. Paschaleios Museum is known as an educational center and was founded in 17th century by Parschalis brothers. Today it is a Folklore Museum with many items from the local art of Zagoria.