Zagorochoria Local products

Since tradition has been kept so alive in Zagoria, visitors have a great chance to try and buy some products of Zagoria there. The most representative traditional products are honey and marmalades, spoon sweets and some other products, like apples, chestnuts, walnuts, and milk, which are used to make various types of pies. Homemade butter is also well-known as well as yogurt and cheese, while the meat of the area is also delicious.

However, there are certain products that are more popular in some villages than in others, for example, wine. Although almost the whole of Greece is famous for its great wine, in the case of Zagoria, the best can be found in Vitsa. On the other hand, when it comes to sweet products, the area by excellence is Ioannina. Here, one of the most remarkable deserts is kassiopita, a pie with cheese. Sweets with syrup are also very common, as well as pastries filled with cream, such as bougatsa. There many bars, cafes and restaurants to try all these delicacies.

In Kapessovo village, in Central Zagoria, there is a small sweet shop you can buy local jams and some alcoholic beverages, such as raki and different wines. In the gift shops of Ioannina, you can also find popular silverware, copper utensils, wood carvings, and hand-woven materials.