Ski in Zagoria

Ski Centres in Zagoria: Zagoria mainly stands out in winter, as it mountainous landscape, covered by snow, makes it a proper location for skiing. Skiing is possible between December and March. Waterproof trousers and jacket, boots, a cap, gloves and sunglasses are the ideal equipment for skiers, which are possible to find at the ski centres. The village of Papigo has a ski resort that is mainly popular among Greek visitors. The surrounding mountains get snowcapped in winter, providing great scenery. Metsovo also counts on a popular ski resort, the Politsies ski centre.

Metsovo is built on the slopes of Mount Pindos, at a height of 1160 meters, and presents a marvelous landscape. The weather in this mountainous settlement is cold most time of the year. The Politsies ski centre counts on 5 tracks, 3 lifts, facilities like ski equipment available for hire and a ski school, apart from a chalet, a restaurant and a cafe bar.

Another good ski resort that can be reached from Zagoria is Vassilitsa, at approximately an hour distance from Zagoria. This resort has 17 tracks, 10 lifts, including a baby lift, and allows to perform off-track skiing. It also provides lighting for those who want to ski at night, along with the necessary ski equipment available for hiring, a ski school, a chalet, a restaurant and a cafe bar. Its altitude ranges between the 1646m and the 2115m and there are good slopes for all skills and levels of skiers.