Karpathos for how many days? One to Three days

Located on the southern side of Dodecanese, Karpathos is a beautiful, unspoiled island that still keeps its authenticity. The wild landscape, the gorgeous beaches, and the traditional villages attract lots of travelers every summer.

You will find below our excursions suggestions for 1, 2 or 3 days on the island of Karpathos Greece. For a general idea, you can view the things to see and things to do in Karpathos.

One day in Karpathos: Pigadia, Apella, and Olympos

Pigadia is the capital town and main port of Karpathos. Located on the southern side of the island, Pigadia distinguishes for its traditional houses and elegant mansions. This is a lovely village to walk around. Close to the port, there are the remains of Ancient Potideon, the ancient town of Karpathos which was deserted about 1,200 BC due to continuous raids. At the waterfront, visitors can also see the Province House, which also hosts an information center about the protection of the Mediterranean seal.

At noon, head to the north and visit Apella, one of the most beautiful beaches of Karpathos. With blue-green water and a wild landscape, Apella is truly inviting.

After a refreshing swim, head to Olympos, the most impressive and traditional village on Karpathos. Perched on the slopes of a mountainside, Olympos raises from a wild landscape among the clouds. The residents of Olympos keep their traditions even in everyday life and many women are dressed in traditional costumes. Every family is self-sufficient and has its own windmill and church, but in social occasions, they are all together. Olympos is certainly a place not to miss on Karpathos.

In the evening, go to the close village of Diafani, the second most important port of the island, and walk in the beautiful waterfront. Diafani has many fish taverns along with the port for a delicious dinner.

View on map: First day in Karpathos

Two days in Karpathos: Amopi and Arkassa

1st day as described above.
On the second day, explore the southern side of Karpathos with the beautiful beaches and the lovely resorts. Start with Amopi, the closest beach to the capital village. Actually, there is Megali Amopi and Mikri Amopi, both organized and great for a morning swim. Continue to Menetes, constructed amphitheatrically on the slopes of a hill. Menetes has impressive architecture and a long musical tradition. In fact, most musicians of Karpathos come from Menetes.

Continue the road to Arkassa to find a long, windy beach. Actually, Arkassa and particularly Makrigialos, a few km away, are popular resorts among windsurfers from around the world. Finiki, a small tourist resort very close to Arkassa, is a nice option for dinner in the traditional seaside taverns.

View on map: Second day in Karpathos

Three days in Karpathos: Saria, Achata, and Lefkos

1st and 2nd days as described above.
Early in the morning of the third day, take the boat from Pigadia to Saria, an uninhabited islet north of Karpathos where some ancient remains have been found. This tour will not last more than 3 or 4 hours, so you will have the rest of the day at your ease. At noon, discover two gorgeous beaches north of Pigadia, Achata and Kyra Panagia. These two coves are calm and have crystal water, so they create the perfect environment to relax.

In the afternoon, continue to the island of Karpathos, which has many beautiful villages to see. Othos is such a traditional village at an altitude of 510m and it is frequently covered with clouds. In Othos, there is an interesting folklore museum to get a view of traditional life in Karpathos. Then, continue to Lefkos, a lovely tourist resort with many tourist facilities and a safe beach to swim.

View on map: Third day in Karpathos



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