Karpathos Province House

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Location: Pigadia

The Province House of Karpathos: The building of the Province House in Karpathos, also known as Eparxeio in Greek, is an impressive three-storey building with strong stone walls. On the last floor is the clock tower. This beautiful building is found in the west end of Pigadia port. Its architecture combines the traditional and modern style, painted in pale yellow and blue colors. One of its sections provides information on the Mediterranean seal.

The beaches and caves of Karpathos are home to this unique seal, known as Monachus Monachus. The exceptionally pure water and some isolate coves in Karpathos are the main reasons for the survival of this seal. Continuous efforts are being made to preserve these seals from extinction.

Several organizations for the conservation of endangered animal species focus in that cause. Public awareness is also being spread by the Ministry of Environment. Researchers are also keeping a close watch on the proximity of motorized boats near the reproduction areas of these seals, especially during the summer months. In the yard of this building, there is a playground and an open-air museum. This museum includes marbles statues, items used in the first Christian years and altars from ancient Greek temples.



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