Find out everything about your holidays in Halki on our travel guide! Halki is one of the little Greek islands of the Dodecanese, located very close to Rhodes. Still untouched by mass tourism Halki is the perfect destination either for relaxing holidays away from the bright lights or for a quick getaway from Rhodes island. There are daily ferries to Halki from the little port of Ancient Kamiros in Rhodes.

This picturesque tiny island stands out for its traditional architecture, peaceful atmosphere and secluded beaches. The capital of Halki Greece is Nimporio, a picturesque little village that stretches around the island’s port.

A few Halki beaches are organized, while most of them are unspoiled and secluded, perfect for those who want to unwind away from the hustle and the bustle.

Halki is one of the best destinations off the beaten tourist trail in Greece! Find out how to get there and some amazing photos!!

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Halki is a little island of the Dodecanese, located just 6 km west of Rhodes. Its secluded location has shaped it up to be one of the best destinations for relaxing holidays! Its proximity to Rhodes island makes it a great destination for quick getaways from Rhodes. You can reach the tiny island by daily ferries to Halki from the little port of Ancient Kamiros in Rhodes.

The main town of Halki is Nimporio, where the port of the island is also located. Nimporio is a quaint little village on the eastern side of Chalki that boasts beautiful traditional architecture. The seafront of Nimporio is lined up with cafeterias, restaurants, and shops, while it is the best place to enjoy long walks by the sea. There used to be another village in Halki, Chorio, which was abandoned in the 19th century when its inhabitants moved to Nimporio. Today, there’s a Medieval castle worth visiting on a hill above Chorio village.

Halki beaches are beautiful and have crystal clear waters, ideal for swimming! Most of the island’s organized beaches are located close to Nimporio and are easily accessible on foot or by bus. The beaches that are far from Nimporio are secluded and unorganized, perfect for those who seek peace and privacy!

Thanks to its beautiful natural landscape, Halki is one of the best destinations for hiking and long walks, so you better pack your walking shoes when traveling to Halki!

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A popular way to reach Halki is by ferry from Rhodes. Halki is also connected to other islands of the Aegean Sea.


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  • Nimporio
    Nimporio is the only village and main port of Halki. This is a lovely place constructed around a large bay, with beautiful houses on the slopes of the hill.
  • Potamos beach
    Potamos is a lovely beach with soft sand and clean waters in Potamos. This is an organized place, accessible by foot or bus from the main town.
  • Medieval castle
    Constructed on top of a steep hill is the Medieval Castle of Halki. Due to its location, the castle is difficult to reach but gives breathtaking view to the Aegean Sea.