Nimporio Village in Halki

Information About Nimporio

Nimporio Village Halki: Nimborio is the main residential settlement and the main port of Halki. It is one of the most important towns of Dodecanese with many historic buildings most of which are not inhabited.

Nimborio is a scenic village with beautiful Venetian buildings, elegant mansions, white houses with unique details and quaint alleys. The barren hills are the background of one of the most beautiful neoclassical settlements of Greece. Most of the houses have been rebuilt in recent times.

Currently there are only 300 local residents in Nimborio mosth of whom are engaged in fishing and cattle breeding. Over the years tourism industry has grown significantly which led to an increasing number of taverns, bars and cafes on the village. Given the unique architecture of Nimborio, visitors will have the chance to enjoy their short stay or long-term holidays at some beautiful guestrooms that preserve their historic significance.

The main attractions of this town are the three windmills located on the hill, the bell tower dedicated to Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of Halki and town hall. Piatsa is the market square right in front of the bay in Nimborio and this is the place where most of teh tourist and locals gather.

The visitors can enjoy fresh sea food and good beverages at the restaurants and Greek taverns. Fishes like tuna, squids and calamari are widely available here. It is best to taste some of the local Greek delicacies while visiting the village of Nimborio.

Things To See And Do In Nimporio


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