Tilos belongs to the Dodecanese island group and despite its small size, it has emerged as a great alternative destination of the Aegean. The island has a few stunning beaches that are totally unspoiled, as well as villages with a unique character, including the touristy Livadia and the abandoned settlement Mikro Chorio.

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To get there from Athens, the most convenient way is to fly to the airport of Kos or Rhodes and then reach Tilos by ferry. Ferry connections with Athens are also available at Piraeus port but the journey lasts approximately 17 hours.


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Tilos is a small Greek island that belongs to the Dodecanese island group. Due to its secluded location and small size, the island is considered a destination off the beaten tourist trail. It has emerged as a great destination for alternative holidays, as camping and nudism are quite popular on the island.

Tilos island has two main villages: Megalo Chorio and Livadia. Megalo Chorio, which is perched on the slopes of a mountain, is the island’s capital.
Livadia is the main port and the most touristically developed village, as it has many facilities, hotels, restaurants and shops.

The most mysterious village on the island, though, lies on the center of the inland: Mikro Chorio ("Little Village") is a ghost village that was abandoned in the 50s’ when its inhabitants moved to Livadia.

As for its beaches, they boast a beautiful natural setting and have a relaxing atmosphere. Standing out for their crystal clear waters and picturesque ambiance, they are perfect for those who want to unwind away from the noisy crowds.
Except for Livadia, which is organized with umbrellas and sunbeds, the rest of the island’s seashores are not organized. Many of them are naturist beaches. Most of the island's beaches can be easily accessed on foot or by a local bus from Livadia.

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Hotel rooms, apartments and studios with a traditional style are offered for your accommodation in the peaceful and quiet island.
Since it is one of the least touristy islands of the Dodecanese, its small hotels reflect the tranquil atmosphere. Most of them are situated in Livadia.


The only way to reach the island of Tilos is by ferry. There are ferries from the port of Piraeus in Athens but the trip is very long. The closest airport to Tilos is on Rhodes island and it is connected to Tilos by ferry.
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  • Livadia beach
    Livadia is the only organized beach in Tilos. It is located a short walk from the port and is lined up with seaside cafeterias, fish taverns and beach studios.
  • Ghost village
    In the centre of the island is the ghost village of Mikro Chorio. This village was gradually abandoned when the inhabitants moved to the port of Livadia.
  • Eristos beach
    Eristos is a large bay in Tilos with amazing waters and secluded atmosphere. It remains unorganized, which is why it is usually frequented by campers.
  • Megalo Chorio
    Megalo Chorio is the capital village of Tilos. It is built on the foot of a rocky mountain, which has a Medieval Castle on its top.
  • Charkadio Cave
    Charkadio Cave is located in the center of the island, about 2 km south of Megalo Chorio. This cave is of great paleontological importance, as this is where the first fossiled teeth of dwarf elephants were found. The findings are hosted in the Paleontological Collection in Megalo Chorio.
  • Monastery of Saint Panteleimon
    Located on the eastern side of the island, the Monastery of Saint Panteleimon is considered the protector of the island. The surrounding nature is truly relaxing.