Tilos Geography

The tiny island of Tilos belongs to the Dodecanese group. It is located north of Rhodes, between Halki and Nisyros. With a coastline of 63 km and a size of 63 sq. km., Tilos is a small island with few permanent inhabitants. The geographical characteristic of Tilos is the large bays that form safe beaches, such as the Bays of Eristos, Livadia and Agios Antonios.

Tilos is mostly a mountainous island but its mountains are not high. The tallest peak rises at 654 meters. This is the peak of Prophet Elias on the western side of the island. Another mountain on Tilos is Amali. The geography of Tilos also stands out for its old cave spots and beautiful passages. In the center of the island, scientists have explored a cave of historical importance, as paleontological exhibits and fossils of dwarf elephants were found inside.

Sparsely populated, Tilos has two villages. Megalo Chorio is the capital but the largest village is Livadia, which also serves as the main port. A third village, Mikro Chorio, was gradually abandoned in the 19th century when Livadia and the modern history of Tilos started to develop.

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