Tilos Architecture

The architecture of Tilos impresses every visitor with the seven medieval castles, its Byzantine monastery, the small churches, and Mikro Chorio, one of the island's abandoned settlements which have been declared as a cultural monument for its historical and aesthetic importance. The island's beauty and medieval charm inspired many poets and writers.

The main village of Tilos, Livadia, still features the popular traditional architecture. Stone built houses resting on the hill, under the ruins of the ancient settlement and the medieval castle reflecting the island's cultural heritage. The dominant characteristic in Megalo Chorio, the capital of Tilos island, is the Aegean style architecture, that has been degraded through the years. However, a visitor has the chance to admire fantastic monuments and archaeological findings, many monasteries, and ruins of the Medieval castle, above the settlement. Following the narrow paths, you will enjoy a fascinating view of the sea and the rest of the whitewashed neighborhoods.

One of the most interesting sightseeings in Tilos Greece, which is strongly associated with its architectural history is the uninhabited Mikro Chorio, one of the many abandoned villages in the Greek islands. Today, it consists of relics from an old living settlement with narrow streets and impressive buildings. More beautiful buildings can be seen in Livadia, the island's largest settlement and home to many interesting monasteries and churches. It is also astonishing that the unique landscape of Tilos creates a unique contrast with the whitewashed cubic houses and compose a magical scene of the island.

Visitors can enjoy their stay in many of the traditional hotels that have respected the traditional architecture.