Tilos Local products

Tilos is famous for its traditional recipes and sweets. The traditional cuisine of Tilos includes stuffed goat baked in the oven, giaprakia, tomato sauce goat stews, korlourida, lasagna, oven-baked pork with wheat, mizithra triangles, pan-fried vegetable pies, cheese, hondros, and kavourmas pork. Giaprakia is a delicacy of spiced meat. Koulourida is homemade pasta, lasagna is a food made from koulourida pasta sheets cut into squares and rolled by hand.

The local cheese is a type of hard feta cheese. Hondros is another type of dish prepared using cracked wheat fried in water or milk. Kavourmas pork is prepared by frying onion with pork meat. Sweets in Tilos include loukoumades, xerotigana, diples, pies, and melekouni. Pouggakia, another delicacy of Tilos, is a traditional pastry filled with almonds and sesame seeds.