Symi (or Simi) is one of the most precious gems in the Dodecanese island group! The colorful architecture of its villages is one of the island's highlights, with postcard-like mansions popping up as soon as you start to approach the port. In addition to the eye-catching port, you will find several excellent sunset gazing viewpoints, beaches with crystal clear waters and traditional settlements.

In our travel guide you will find all the must-knows, including information about the island's hotels, restaurants, places of interest, beaches and things to do. Also, have a look at our photos to get an idea of what Symi looks like!

The nearest airport to Symi is located on Rhodes island. Short trips from one island to the other are in fact very popular and ferry connections are available between them.
To get to Symi from Athens without using an airplane, you would have to get a ferry from the port of Piraeus, although the journey would be quite long (~20 hours).


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Symi is one of the most picturesque and charming islands of the Dodecanese island group.
The most impressive spot on the island is hands down the port. The hill above the port is packed with crayon-like mansions which emit a fairytale-like charm, while every corner of the town boasts a magnificent view of the Aegean Sea! The unique atmosphere of the port will bewitch you!
The capital town is the island’s center of activities and it is divided into two settlements: Gialos and Chorio. They both stand out for their colorful mansions, peaceful atmosphere, photogenic setting and lovely sea views!

If you want to escape the summer heat after the town’s exploration, head to one of the island's beaches. Although they aren’t big, they are clean and have a laid-back atmosphere.
On the other hand, if you are an adventure lover, you’ll be happy to know that a hike around the island will bring you to many cute chapels and photogenic spots. Actually, on the southern part of the island, you’ll find the renowned Panormitis monastery, which is worth visiting.

What’s more, Symi is a brilliant base for island hopping, especially to the nearby Rhodes island!

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At Symi, you will have the opportunity to book a house, apartment, studio or room with a traditional design for your accommodation, ensuring an unforgettable experience in an authentic environment!
Most of the island's best hotels can be found in the picturesque streets of the main Town.


The most popular way to reach the island is by ferry. There are ferries from the island of Rhodes and other islands of the Aegean. The closest airport is on Rhodes island.
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Discover the best of Simi! From sightseeing to activities, we give you the best recommendations for the ultimate holiday experience!

  • Picturesque town
    Simi Town is the centre of activities on the island. It is separated in two settlements: the port settlement of Gialos and the settlement of Chorio. The architecture of this place is amazing.
  • Monastery of Panormitis
    On the southern side of Simi, there is the beautiful Monastery of Panormitis, considered the protector of the island. Many boat trips depart from Simi or Rhodes to Panormitis.
  • Pedi
    Pedi is a small seaside village with few houses, surrounded by olive oil trees and bushes. The beach is narrow but clean.