Introduction & General Information

The small island of Simi, North of Rhodes, is chosen by a number of tourists year after year because of the beauty of its towns and villages, and its picturesque secluded areas. Very close to the Aegean and the Turkish shores and with a coastline of only 85 kilometers, this slightly mountainous island has a couple of particularities attracting tourists to a great extent.

One of these particularities is that there are very few cars on Simi island, which confers the island a very special atmosphere, and a touch of magic. It is the ideal island for romantic people who are looking for something special, such as a tranquil atmosphere, or the possibility to integrate to the everyday life of the island and fit into this portion of the Greek culture with no difficulty.

A privilege that not many tourists can enjoy, as it is one of the most traditional cultures in Greece, but people are the most hospitable people, too. Moreover, Simi is an excellent strategically located area to be taken as a starting point to visit other small islands nearby in a one-day relaxing trip.

Apart from that, Simi offers the best lodging types in Greece, as the houses and apartments on this island are traditionally decorated according to their ancient style, an authentic Greek luxury at reasonable prices. Tourists are always surprised by the value for money they get at these accommodation establishments.

The most awesome moment for most tourists is the excursion to Panormitis monastery, dedicated to Archangel Michael, patron saint of the island. The port of Gialos is also a big attraction, where tourists enjoy the view of its neoclassical houses. Its old streets, back alleys, and flight of stairs invite them to explore and have an adventurous time.

From the ancient area of the town, where you can still see the ruins of an ancient castle, there is a stunning view, not only to the surrounding landscape but also to everyday life. Most locals still live on fishing, sponge catching, and shipbuilding. Many tourists go back to the port at the end of the day, they usually spend about seven or eight hours visiting the village around the port, to board the ship back to Rhodes or to go on with their trip to any of the other attractions on Simi.

Reaching Simi Island is easy. There is both a ferry and a hydrofoil connecting the island directly to Rhodes and Kos in a short pleasant trip. No doubt that visiting Simi will leave permanent memories on those who like making authentic contact with the local culture when on holiday.