Halki Geography

Halki is a tiny island close to Rhodes. It belongs to the Dodecanese complex and its coastline is 34 km. The only village in Halki is Nimporio, which also serves as the main port. It is built amphitheatrically around a bay and the houses go up a small hill. In the center of the island, there is Horio, the old capital of Halki, which is now abandoned. Halki is generally a mountainous island. In fact, flat parts give way to rocky mountains.

The geography of Halki distinguishes for the hilly spots which give an amazing view to the sea and its neighboring islands. The highest peak is Merovigli, on the northeastern part, at an altitude of 601m. In the center, there is Mount Prophet Elias. On top of this rocky mountain, the Knights of Saint John built a strong castle in the Medieval Times that stands until today. The path to the Castle is difficult, but the view from up there is gorgeous. This castle is the most evident mark of Halki history.

The main beach of Halki is Potamos. There are other beaches, but difficult to access. The northern side of Halki can be reached only by boat, but the wind is blowing stronger there. The uninhabited islet of Alimia, on the northeast, can also be visited as it has beautiful beaches and a Medieval Castle.

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