Mykonos tips, impressions

Mykonos is the second top destination in Greece, after Santorini. It gets very busy in summer (high season in July-August) as it provides an interesting mix of beaches, expensive shopping and party nightlife plus a site of immense architectural importance in the nearby island of Delos.
The main town, Mykonos Town (or Chora), is situated on the western coast and the main port is 2 km from the Town, in the region of Tourlos.

Because of its small size and the very good public transportation, the island is quite easy to navigate. The most popular beaches in Mykonos are located on the southern side of the island, while in the evenings Mykonos Town (also called Chora) becomes the center of nightlife.

Our impressions

Mykonos may not be to everyone's taste because of the high level of tourists and the cost of holidays, but its intriguing town and fantastic beaches give a good sample of holidays in the Cyclades. The beaches along the southern coast are great sun traps and remarkably picturesque. Paradise, Super Paradise, and Paranga are good places for the young who want to drink and party all day, while the other beaches are less busy and noisy.

Do not underestimate the Meltemi summer winds which can raise few waves in midday and the afternoon (in some parts of the island), but these waves also make a nice chance for windsurfing and kite surfing.

Practical advice and tips

The ports of Mykonos

There are two ports in Mykonos: the old port and the new port. The old port is located in Mykonos Town and is nowadays a mooring place for fishing boats and private yachts. No ferries arrive there. Only excursion boats depart from the old port and go to beaches around the island and to Delos.

The new port of Mykonos is located in Tourlos, 2 km north of Mykonos Town and only one bus stop away. In this port, ferries arrive from Athens and from other islands. Cruise ships also dock there. To go to the Town or other regions on the island, take the bus (very frequent itineraries) or taxi. There is a taxi rank outside the port.

Arriving at the airport

The airport of Mykonos is located 4 km south of Mykonos Town. It receives many domestic and charter flights. Outside the airport gate, there is a taxi rank and bus stop. Many car rental agencies are also available there.


Be prepared for an expensive visit. Mykonos is not a cheap island. Especially restaurants are bit expensive, so the cheapest food option is the souvlaki/gyros stores that you will find in many places around the island.

Road network

The roads are in good condition but be aware of scooters and other motorbikes. There are many accidents with tourists driving scooters.

How to go to the beaches

By bus or boat from Mykonos Town. There is a bus connecting Mykonos Town to the southern beaches and another connecting Mykonos Town to Agios Stefanos (northern island). Bus itineraries are very frequent, from 06:00 am till 02:00 am.