Holiday in Mykonos

As the summertime steadily approaches, it is time to slowly leave the tough year behind and reverie about happier, sunnier days by the sea for a change. Additionally, enjoying them on a lively and upbeat island like Mykonos is sure to wash away the negativity and provide warmth to every visitor. The buzzing party scene, unparalleled nightlife, the historical, cultural and Cycladic heritage of the island and its nearby islets along with its exquisite cuisine and facilities form an exciting environment.

With a lot to unfold and since your convenience and time matter to us, we created a brief and spot-on travel guide of Mykonos. Including every essential service and noteworthy activity taking place on the island, you may easily plan out your itinerary for Mykonos 2021.
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How to organize your holiday in Mykonos? Find all your answers below:
Step 1: Arriving at Mykonos; booking the most suitable & convenient route
Step 2: Accommodation in Mykonos; booking the finest lodging
Step 3: Car Rental in Mykonos; discover the island comfortably
Step 4: Explore the Mykonian Culture & Heritage; Natural, Folklore and Historic Approaches
Step 5: Activities & Tours in Mykonos; enhancing your vacation
Step 6: Dining in Mykonos; Greek, Mediterranean & fusion cuisine


Get to Mykonos

Arriving at Mykonos; booking the most suitable & convenient route

Starting off with one of the core parts of any vacation, let’s take a look at the available routes for arriving at Mykonos.
As one of the top Greek destinations, Mykonos features an international airport and a busy port.

By plane: Depending on your preferences, a direct flight will allow you to begin your vacation upon arrival, with extra comfort and tranquility. Multiple European cities are connected directly to the island throughout the tourist season, such as Paris, Madrid, London and Amsterdam to name a few. In case of no direct flight from your city to Mykonos, a flight to the Greek capital of Athens followed by a domestic one (or a ferry ride) to the island is the second best option.

By ferry: Additionally, a ferry route to Mykonos provides fantastic seascapes of the Aegean throughout the journey. When you want to experience more of Greece before arriving at the Island of the Winds, the top-tier vessels operating on a daily basis from the Athenian ports of Piraeus and Rafina provide a safe and exciting journey through the azure Aegean. Conveniently, most ferries are equipped with a spacious vehicle garage and passenger cabins which can be booked for an additional fee. With drinks, snacks and food corners available on board, every passenger can enjoy a relaxing trip to Mykonos.

Book your ferry tickets through our Awarded Ferry Service and Skyscanner for flights and make the most out of your holidays in Mykonos!


Mykonos Hotels

Accommodation; booking the finest lodging

Mykonos has been well-known in the last decades as a luxury-oriented island, especially so in regards to the accommodation options. Posh villas and top-tier hotels with numerous lavish amenities and pristine facilities are located all over the southwestern part of the island. From Chora to the wonderful bays of Super Paradise and beyond, Mykonos offers a variety of budgetary tiers, amenities and uniquely styled lodgings to select from.

With 130+ lodgings to select from, take a look at our hand-picked top-rated accommodation options and book your stay easily and stress-free.
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Mykonos Car rental

Car Rental; discover the island comfortably

While bus transportation covers the core locations on Mykonos, a vehicle rental ensures that you can explore every corner of the Cycladic beauty without relying on the rare taxis. The island is rather flat, with developed road infrastructure, so a car or motorcycle will be a great solution. Visit the tranquil northern shores along with the cosmopolitan ones on the South, the picturesque village of Ano Mera and the historical monuments found all around the island.

Book your car rental with us easily and enjoy your holiday in Mykonos to the fullest.


Mykonos Things to do

Explore the Mykonian Culture & Heritage

Mykonos is one of the most multi-faceted islands of the Aegean and Cycladic regions. Combining a cosmopolitan attitude with rich history and a strong folklore heritage, it leaves no visitor unimpressed. Along with its shimmering shores and excellent seascapes, it lacks no natural beauty either.

Here in Greeka we value the total satisfaction of our customers; for that reason, we provide you with clear-cut categories of the Mykonian wonder that should not be missed. All of the top things to do during your summer vacation are listed in detail for your convenience.

Discover the traditional, whitewashed villages and wander into the narrow paved alleyways to explore the hidden gems.

Further enhance your stay with the excellent sightseeing options, along with the nearby breathtaking islets of Delos and Rhenia; and when diving in the azure waters is a priority, immerse yourselves in the pampering facilities of the shimmering beaches on the island.


Mykonos tours & cruises

Available Tours & Activities; enhancing your vacation

While a considerable percentage of visitors on Mykonos tend to stay just for a weekend or 3 days to experience the core attractions and nightlife, the island has much more to offer. Booking a longer stay is ideal in order to participate in the exciting Mykonos tours, sailing day trips and workshops. From sailing around the southern coast and marvelling at the seascapes from a unique angle, to visiting the islets of Delos and Rhenia for sightseeing, there are a multitude of alternative excursions to pick from.

Furthermore, the available sea sport centers located at popular bays of Mykonos like Kalafatis welcome thrill-seekers for scuba diving, kitesurfing, jet skiing and windsurfing. Alternatively, land tours of Mykonos and the cozy villages are also available.

Discover the tours, cruises and activities and book yours for an unforgettable Mykonian trip.


Mykonos restaurants

Dining experience; Greek, Mediterranean & fusion cuisine

Last but not least, the culinary experience of Mykonos is just as unique as it is unmissable. Well-prepared to welcome every traveller no matter the budget, the island boasts a wide variety of taverns and restaurants, from cozy and hidden gems to grand and posh ones. Multiple menus, with traditionally Greek dishes and local Mykonian delicacies, delicious Anatolian and Asian fusion recipes and executions, along the pristine seafood meals form the gastronomy of Mykonos.

As with every cosmopolitan and buzzing destination, making your dining reservations in advance is vital during high season. We invite you to look into the carefully put together selection of restaurants and find the ones you want to visit.

Prepare your favorite summer wear, book your tickets and immerse yourself in the Mykonian wonder this season!