Find out everything about your holidays in Rethymno on our travel guide! Rethymno prefecture lies on the western side of Crete, between the prefectures of Chania and Heraklion. Full of beautiful beaches, archaeological sites, Byzantine churches, quaint villages, and cosmopolitan resorts, Rethymno is one of the most beautiful places in Crete.

Rethymno Town, the capital of Rethymno Greece, is the center of activities. Strongly influenced by the Venetians, Rethymno Town boasts elegant architecture and a picturesque port. Off Rethymno Old Town, there are many cosmopolitan beach resorts, such as Bali, Agia Galini, Plakias, and Adelianos Kampos. If you prefer laid-back places, a drive around the prefecture of Rethymno will bring you to many secluded coves, where you can enjoy total privacy.

If you manage to peel yourself away from the beautiful Rethymno beaches, you should set off to explore the region! In Rethymno Crete, you’ll find many sights, such as the Monasteries of Preveli and Arkadi, the Ideon Cave, where Zeus grew up according to mythology, as well as many gorges.

Whether you’re after relaxing holidays or an adventurous escape, Rethymnon is your best choice!

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Rethymno Greece is a laid-back prefecture located between the regions of Chania and Heraklion. Relatively untouched by international tourists, Rethymno still keeps its traditional charm.

On the northern side of Rethymno Crete, there are some cosmopolitan seaside resorts, such as Bali, Adelianos, Kampos, Panormos, and Platanias. They are perfect for your stay, as they have a selection of Rethymno hotels and villas. But, if you seek a laid-back place to stay, a drive around Rethymno will get you to many secluded places, such as Agia Galini and Plakias.

The center of activities in Rethymnon is Rethymno Old Town. The architecture of Rethymno Town is strongly influenced by the Venetians, who ruled the island in the past. This picturesque town is full of narrow alleys, elegant mansions, arches, and boasts a beautiful Venetian port. The port of Rethymno is hands down the most popular spot of the town! It is lined with cafeterias and restaurants, while the seafront promenade is perfect for evening strolls. Another vestige of the Venetian occupation is Fortezza, an imposing medieval castle that stands on a hill above the town.

The northern and southern coasts of Rethymno are fringed with beautiful beaches, such as Bali, Panormos, Adelianos Kampos, Plakias, and Agia Galini. Rethymno beaches are not the only standouts of the region, though. The inland holds many surprises: traditional villages, impressive gorges, and monasteries, such as Preveli and Arkadi. If you want to introduce yourself to the local culture, a visit to the villages of Rethymno is a must!

Rethymno is the getaway you’ve been looking for!

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There are no direct ferries or flights to Rethymno from Athens. The best way is to reach first either Heraklion or Chania.


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  • Picturesque town
    Rethymnon Town is a beautiful place to walk around. Due to the long Venetian occupation, it has an evident Medieval style. The old port is the most relaxing spot.
  • Bali beach
    The region of Bali is the most tourist developed place in the region. It has organized beaches with sandy coasts and many tourist facilities for visitors.
  • Preveli Monastery
    The Monastery of Preveli has large historical importance for Crete, as during World War II the monks of this monastery helped Cretans and British to escape to Egypt.
  • Rimondi fountain
    A small but elegantly classical structure stands at Petichaki square, in the heart of the old town of Rethymno, close to Loggia. This is the Rimondi fountain built in 1626.
  • Anogia village
    Anogia is a picturesque village in the inland of Rethymnon. This village is mostly famous as the homeland of Nikos Xilouris, an important Cretan signer.
  • Plakias beach
    On the southern side of Crete is the long and sandy beach of Plakias. Although this place has many tourist facilities, it is also great to enjoy total privacy. Nice secluded beaches are found in the region.
  • Arkadi Monastery
    The Monastery of Arkadi has historical importance for Crete. During the Cretan Revolution of 1866, monks and soldiers who were hiding in this monastery, exploded themselves so that they do not surrender to the Turks.
  • Agia Galini
    Agis Galini is a nice tourist village on the southern side of Crete. Many tourist facilities are found there, while the beaches are both organized and secluded.
  • Fortezza
    On a hill above the Town, there is a strong Venetian Fortress, called Fortezza by the locals. This fortress was originally constructed by the Venetians and reconstructed by the Ottomans.