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Heraklion Greece is the perfect base for exploration, as it is close to two of the most important monuments in Crete: Knossos Palace and Phaistos Palace!

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Heraklion Greece is the most popular region of the island and is located on the eastern side of Crete, between Rethymno and Lassithi. The beautiful capital of Heraklion region, Heraklion Town, is one of the busiest city centers in Crete.

In the Heraklion region, you will find two of the most important Crete monuments: Knossos Palace and Phaistos Palace.
Being over 20,000 square meters big, the Minoan Palace of Knossos is the largest of all Minoan palatial structures. The remains of colorful murals, imposing red columns and the glorious throne room will make you feel transported into the Minoan Era.
The Minoan Palace of Phaistos is the second most important Minoan site, after Knossos. It is located on the east side of Kastri hill, boasting a beautiful natural setting and attracts history enthusiasts from all over the world!

Even though it has an often crowded city center, the capital of Heraklion, Heraklion Town, keeps its fairytale vibe. Strolling around Heraklion town, you will come across Koules fortress, at the Venetian port, Turkish and Venetian fountains, Venetian buildings, the Venetian Loggia and museums, such as the Archaeological Museum, the Historical Museum and the Museum of Natural History.

If you are not a big fan of sightseeing, though, you should head to the beautiful beaches! The northern and southern coasts of the Heraklion region are fringed with some beautiful beaches, such as the former hippies paradise, Matala beach, Agia Pelagia, and Malia. For those who want to spend their holidays in Crete by the beach, there are many Heraklion hotels close to many of the regions beaches!

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A popular way to reach Heraklion is by ferry from the port of Piraeus, in Athens. Heraklion can also be reached by plane (International airport).

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  • Knossos Palace
    The Minoan Palace of Knossos is the most famous sight in Crete. Located in close distance to Heraklion Town, this palace was found almost intact covered by volcanic ashes.
  • Phaestos Palace
    The Minoan Palace of Phaestos is located on the southern side of Heraklion, on the way to Matala. It is famous for the Disk of Phaestos, which has not been decoded till today.
  • Tours & Activities
    Discover some tours organized around the area and to Santorini island.
  • Archaeological museum
    The Archaeological Museum in Heraklion Town hosts exhibits from various excavations in Crete. The most interesting items date from the Minoan Times, such as the famous Disk of Phaestos.
  • Matala beach
    Located in the southern side of Crete, the beach of Matala is a former hippies place. Over the last years, there is a large hippies festival there in summer.
  • Malia beach
    Malia is the most popular beach resort of Heraklion and the most famous nightlife spot in Crete. It gets very popular and usually attracts people who go there for clubbing.
  • Agiofaraggo beach
    A wonderful beach at the end of a gorge, Agiofaraggo is a popular spot for free camping and nudism.


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