Heraklion Map

Heraklion is deeply rooted in the past as one of the regions were Minoan civilization flourished, thousands of years ago. It is the largest city of Crete with rich tradition and historical significance that appeals greatly to the tourists. Other attractions of Heraklion are the Minoan sites which are unique in Greece, the amazing gorges, which are some of the largest of Europe, the Venetian town and the perfect landscape images.

Today, Heraklion is a modern city with a cosmopolitan atmosphere which coexists with the ancient civilization, the age-old traditions, and the rural life. It suggests a long list of Superb beaches, romantic spots, old Venetian streets and world-famous facilities which attract all visitors. A trip to the surrounding villages is a memorable experience.

This section proposes a map of Heraklion with all the major locations of the region.

Meanwhile, view a map of Heraklion and where is Heraklion.

Map Of Heraklion