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Location: Fourfouras

Psiloritis is the highest mountain on Crete, with Mount Ida being the highest summit (2456 meters) and one of the best places to go hiking on the island.
The most common hiking routes start at Kamares (6-7 hours) and Ideon Antron (3-4 hours).
The wild landscape of Psiloritis is truly magnificent and on the mountain, you will come across many caves, gorges and forests.

The most impressive gorge is Agios Nikolaos in Rouvas, which is covered in dense vegetation.
The Natural Part of Psiloritis is the natural habitat of many endangered species of flora and fauna and their protection by "Natura 2000" plays a central role in the preservation of local biodiversity, including rare trees, wild birds and the Cretan wildcat.

In addition, the mountain Psiloritis is culturally significant since it was a place of worship for the Ancient Greeks and many important archeological findings have been discovered.
The mountain is connected with many aspects of mythology and it is worth mentioning that the Cave of Ideon Antron was believed to be the place where the god Zeus grew up.

Other landmarks on Psiloritis include Sfendoni Cave in Zoniana, one of the biggest caves in Greece with impressive geological formations, the stone-built chapel Timios Stavros and Lake Zarou.

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  • Hiking up Mount Ida

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    Head on a magnificent trip with Akis up Mount Ida where Zeus was born!Mount Ida or Psiloritis, situated at the central Crete and according to Greek mythology, Zeus the father of all ancient Greek Gods, was born in a secret cave at the foot of this mountain.

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