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Rethymno Platanias: Platanias beach lies about 4 km east of Rethymno Town. It is a beautiful sandy beach, open to the north. The beach is affected by summer winds, the so called meltemia. The beach is accessible by the local buses from Rethymno Town.

Platanias beach is well organized and offers many accommodation options. The beach has several Greek taverns offering local food, drinks and the chance to enjoy yourself by the seaside.

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  • zoekour 28 Jan 2009
    Excellent place to stay
    Our base this year was Platanias beach. We wanted a beach close to Rethymno to make excursions to the town and the whole prefecture. I believe if you are close to a big town, then you are sure to have more facilities on your holidays, than if you were km far away from it. Also you are more close to high spots. Anyway, Platanias had proven to be an excellent place to stay. The beach was sandy and organized. It could get very crowded some days, but it could also be extremely quite early in the morning. Crowds would usually go before noon, so we prefered to go swimming early and then start excursions. Apart from Rethymnon town, we went to other close beaches, such as Bali and Panormos, the cave of Geraniou, about 10 km to the west and a beautiful village in the mainland, named Anogia. However, the road to Anogia was very narrow and windy. Better start early so that you travel in the daytime, not after dark.