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Important note: Schedules for the summer routes of some companies are officially announced around March.

In brief, since there is no airport in Rethymno, you need to reach either Heraklion or Chania first if you decide to travel by plane. Alternatively, you can take the ferry to Rethymno from Santorini.

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The commercial port of Rethymno is close to the Venetian port of the Old Town and within walking distance from the city center. Very few ferries operate from the port of Rethymno and mostly in the summer season.



Very few ferries operate from the port of Rethymno. Currently, Rethymno Port is only connected by ferry with the island of Santorini.

Important notice: Ferry schedules may vary each year. The itineraries for the summer season are announced by the companies in March. As soon as the schedules are officially announced, they automatically appear on our booking engine, so you will be able to proceed to your booking or check departure times and rates.

• From Santorini

Travelers who chose to sail to Rethymno depart from Athinios Port, which is about 8 km from Fira and approximately 9 km from the International Airport of Santorini.

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  • How long is the trip?

The trip lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes.

  • How much do the tickets cost?

A standard ticket from Santorini costs 104.70 EUR.

  • What ferries operate between Santorini and Rethymno?

Only high-speed/catamaran vessels run by Seajets operate this route.

> High-speed Ferries
High-speed ferries are smaller in size, as well as faster than conventional ferries. There are no deck seats, so they only have numbered airplane seats. A snack bar is also available. Many high-speed vessels do not have a garage and those that do only have a limited vehicle capacity. Due to their smaller size, high-speed vessels are more easily affected by bad weather conditions, so there may be delays.

Types of seats: Air seats (Economy), Air seats (Business), Air seats (VIP)
Price range: €104.70 - €139.70
Vehicle: €39.70 - €50.00 (Moto), €89.70 - €189.70 (Car)
Timetable: During the high season (May to September), there are 2 weekly connections from Santorini to Rethymno.

  • Indicative timetables

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  • From Santorini
  • • 16:45 Sea Jets (2h30min)
  • To Santorini
  • • 08:00 Sea Jets (2h35min)


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Important note: Schedules for summer routes of most ferry companies are officially announced in March.


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Here are some travel tips for organizing your trip to Rethymno:

  • • Since Rethymno is only connected to the island of Santorini, you can take the ferry to either Heraklion or Chania and proceed to Rethymno from there.
  • • If you’re traveling to and from Rethymno during the high season (May to mid-September), it is strongly recommended that you book your tickets in advance as soon as possible, since the route may get fully booked.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Where is the ferry port in Rethymno?

The port of Rethymno is located close to the Old Town, within walking distance from the city center.

  • How can I get from the port to the beaches?

From Rethymno Town, you can take the public bus (KTEL) to some of the most popular beaches and resorts, such as Plakias and Agia Galini. Alternatively, you can rent a car or a moto and explore the gorgeous beaches of Rethymno with greater freedom.

  • What is better: flying or taking the ferry to Rethymno?

Rethymno Port does not receive passenger ferries from many other ports. It is currently connected exclusively with Athinios Port in Santorini, while, depending on the year, it may also be occasionally connected with other ports. Thus, the best way to get to Rethymno is to take the ferry to Chania or Heraklion and take the bus to Rethymno from there.