Rethymno Architecture

The old town of Rethymno is one of the best-preserved towns in Crete, a unique blend of eastern and western elements brought by the traditional identity and the strong Venetian influence. Being under the Venetian rule for four centuries, left Rethymnon an important architectural heritage including squares, loggias, fountains and clock towers which can be admired to this day. With their arrival in Crete, Venetians established the architectural orders of their country, creating a plethora of splendid works along the entire island of Crete.

At the same time, during the construction of the fortified castles and towers, many public buildings were built, but nothing could overshadow the beauty of the temple of the Lady of the Angels, built in 1609 AD. Equally interesting is the splendid Rimondi Fountain of the town. The highlights of the Venetian town which is steeped in history are definitely the Venetian houses and mansions, the arches and the beautiful decoration that can be admired within as well as outside. The most important remain from the Venetian era and the trading activity of that time is the famous Venetian port, the jewel of Rethymnon.

One of the best examples of the fine architecture of Rethymno is the Venetian Loggia, a 16th century building standing in the heart of the city. The Porta Guora, or else (Big Door) at the entrance of the old town is also worth to mention. One of the most well-preserved mosques in Crete is the Ibrahim Han Mosque in the Fortrezza, just above the town.

Visitors will find many hotels that have been created in respect of the traditional architecture.