Local products of Rethymno

Some of the most representative products of Rethymno is the olive oil, cheese, herbs, spice mixes used in Cretan recipes, teas, and wine. The local products are the epitome of healthy nutrition and anyone who visits this beautiful and picturesque town will discover that raki and wine are the best Rethymnian products.

The love of Cretans for wine has resulted in great consumption throughout the day to accompany the tasteful meals. A wine festival takes place every year in Rethymno celebrating the importance and annual quality of the wine. There you can taste the local wine varieties and Cretan specialties with music and dancing.

Cheese is another major product in Crete that locals use in great amounts, especially when they want to accompany their wine. Rethymno is famous for its great cheese varieties emphasizing on the mizithra, a low fat soft mashed cheese and anthotyro, a white soft cheese similar to the ricotta cheese.

Rethymno owns huge areas of olive tree cultivations and there are two varieties, called tsounates and stafodoelies. Olive oil is recognized for its excellent quality and strong taste. Rethymno products are synonymous with high quality.