Rethymno Ibrahim Han Mosque

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Location: Town

The Ibrahim Han Mosque in Rethymno Crete: The Ibrahim Han Mosque is placed in the middle of the Venetian Fortezza. The mosque is found next to the Rector's residence and was originally a Venetian cathedral dedicated to Saint Nicholas, built in 1580. However, when Rethymno was occupied by the Turks, in 1646, it was converted into an Ottoman mosque by the Sultan Ibrahim Han and took his name.

The building itself is very well-constructed. It is solid square construction with an impressive dome of 11m diameter. It has a prayer niche inside, settled in the center of the south-eastern wall, facing Mecca, the Muslim's holy town.

It also has the base of a minaret on its west side, which is the only preserved part of this structure since the minaret itself hasn't survived centuries. A small chapel is built next to the mosque dedicated to Agios Theodoros Trichinas and was inaugurated in 1899. Unfortunately, the mosque is today closed to the public and opens only to host some musical exhibitions. However, it is still worth a visit, just to admire its architecture and to glimpse the interior through a window.



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