Rethymno Festivals & Cultural Events

Rethymno is a city with a long history. Throughout the year, many local festivals take place in the villages. These are religious celebrations and other events always accompanied by excellent wine, food, and music.

Religious feasts & festivals

August 15th
On the 15th of August, celebrations are held to honor the Dormition of the Holy Virgin, the largest religious celebration in Greece. The great feast is accompanied by food, wine, and traditional dances. At the same time, various festivities take place all around the country.

September 8th
On the 8th of September, in the village of Myriokefala, there is a lovely feast with hundreds of pilgrims. The locals celebrate the miraculous icon of Virgin Mary which is kept in the Byzantine church of the village.

April 23rd
The feast of Agios Georgios is greatly celebrated in Zoniana and Plakias on April 23rd (or the first Monday after Easter).

Cultural events

November 8th
On the 8th of November, the locals commemorate the Arkadi Holocaust. A religious ceremony is held in the monastery of Arkadi, where the Cretan fighters exploded themselves in 1866 in order to avoid surrendering to the Ottomans. The locals bring flowers to the monastery to honor the dead.

Yakynthia Festival
Yakinthia Festival takes place in late July/ early August in the village of Anogia. This festival includes theatre performances, traditional group dancing, and live Cretan music.

Carnival of Rethymno
The Carnival of Rethymno is very popular in Greece. Festivities last for two weeks and include treasure hunts, musical events and a large parade in Carnival Sunday.

Renaissance Festival
The Rennaissance Festival takes place from late August to early September in various venues of Rethymno Town. The events include theatre performances of Medieval plays, concerts of Medieval age and exhibitions of baroque art.