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Crete Anogia Rethymno: Anogia is considered as one of the most attractive, picturesque mountainous villages of Crete. It stands at an altitude of 750 metres on Mount Psiloritis, the highest mountain of Crete, and about 50 km east of Rethymno Town. Due to its secluded location, the village retains its strong authentic character, the local customs, traditional costumes and its old Cretan dialect.

The village was burned by the Turks during the Ottoman occupation and, in 1944, German forces destroyed every building except the church and killed all the men in Anogia as a payback for the kidnapping of the German General Von Kreipe by the local resistance fighters.

Worth-visiting is the 12th century church of Saint John, with its beautiful frescoes and icons. The village of Anogia is one of the major handicraft and cottage industry centres of Crete and the woven and embroidered articles produced have superb motifs which are unique to the village. It is interesting to visit one of the many workshops open to the public and observe articles being woven on large looms.

Birthplace of the famous Cretan singer and composer Nikos Xilouris, Anogia has a great musical tradition and many excellent singers and lyre (a local instrument called lyra in Greek) players are originated from here.

Some are still living in the village and can be heard playing during the cultural festival of Anogia in mid-August. Many traditional cafes and taverns can be found in the narrow streets of Anogia as well as a few accommodations. From this charming village one can enjoy some nice excursions such as a visit to the Minoan Palace of Zominthou, the cave were Zeus grew up, or the mitata on Mount Psiloritis.

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Apartments Studios3 keys

The traditionally decorated Perachori Boutique Studios in square is housed in a beautiful stone-built building in Anogia. The hotel has a traditional interior design, allowing you to experience an authentic side of Rethymno by spending time in a carefully designed apartment.


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  • wavelon56 07 Feb 2011
    Place with strong tradition
    My origin is from Anogia, a great village in Rethymno. I can easily write a thousand things about this place but I'll have to keep it short. Anogia is a traditional, charming village with a powerful and rich history. The route will amaze you as you cross the villages and the winding roads. The air coming from the mountains is so fresh and clean, the ideal environment for all ages. While you enter the village, you see the square with many kafeneia. The square of Agios Georgios is a social place full of life, the right spot to drink a coffee next to the great small church.

    The people there are very friendly and warm creating the best atmosphere for the visitor. The village has several shops where you can buy many of their local products. One of them is their local raki. Most of the people, especially the old generations, wear their local clothes (Cretan buggy trousers and boots and heads decorated with black and white nets). On the main road there is a Folk Art Museum that is worth to visit. The best thing to do once you come to the village is to wander around the streets, see the style of the old houses and feel the strong culture. In Anogia you will taste the best dishes of Cretan food. Crete is also famous for its pure products such as olive oil, wine and raki.

    I visit Crete every summer for the last 10 years and at least a day excursion to Anogia is necessary every time. It is amazing how in every street of Anogia you listen to the songs of Xilouris, a famous traditional Cretan musician.