Introduction & General Information

The enchanting Chania is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Crete! When there, travelers are captivated by the traditional style of the villages, the purity of the natural environment, the tastiness of the local cuisine and many, many more elements!

The region of Chania in western Crete occupies an important place in the history of Crete. Historians claim that Chania was the exact location for the Minoan establishment of Kydonia, a flourishing town in antiquity. After the Minoan civilization, the area decayed; however, it flourished again in the 14th century, when it was conquered by the Venetians. The Venetians have left their mark on the architecture of the region, mostly apparent in Chania Town. Most of the elegant mansions found in the Old Town of Chania date from that era, while the Venetian Lighthouse in the Old Port has become the trademark of the town over the years over the years. In those times, the region flourished out of trade and arts were developed. The Venetian period ended in 1645 when the prefecture was conquered by the Ottoman Turks. Remains of the Ottoman period still exist in Chania Town, including the Ottoman Baths and Kucuk Hasan Mosque. Fortunately, despite being bombed during World War II, many remarkable buildings and places of interest in the town escaped total destruction.

Apart from Chania Town, the entire region is also breathtaking. The sandy beaches, the mountain and seaside villages, the pristine nature, and the Byzantine monasteries spread along the inland, all create a fantastic background to explore!
The most stunning beaches have to be Balos, famous for its multi-hued blue waters, and Elafonisi, renowned for the pink sand on the shore.
In terms of villages, beautiful settlements can be found across the prefecture. Some villages are large with developed infrastructure, some serve as resorts, and others maintain a more traditional profile. Cretan people are very friendly and generous and make you feel welcome everywhere! Three of the most well-known villages in the prefecture of Chania are Paleochora, Sfakia and Kissamos.

If you drive around Chania, you will be amazed by the wild nature that will unfold in front of your eyes. You will have the chance to hike impressive gorges, such as the Gorge of Samaria, the Gorge of Therissos and the Gorge of Imbros, which host rare species of flora and fauna. The spectacular geography and herb wealth Chania presents explains the high number of nature lovers visiting the region throughout the year.

Thanks to the numerous permanent residents and the pleasant weather, several hotels and places to eat and drink are open throughout the year, making Chania an excellent destination no matter the season!

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