Local products of Chania

The original products of Chania have always made a difference since they are the secret for good health and longevity. The rich and fertile land of the island gives huge amounts of fruits, vegetables, legumes, cheese and other products that locals use in their meals and sweets.

Chania is one of the most important towns in Crete with a rich history and gastronomic culture. This part of the island offers a unique culinary experience with fresh handmade sweets, cheese, aromatic herbs, and meat cooked in the traditional way. Chania suggests traditional Cretan specialties made with fresh products from the Cretan land. Plates like kaltsounia, lamb and ntakos are some of the meals that visitors will definitely enjoy with the hard Cretan bread, mizithra cheese and plenty of virgin oil.

A stroll down the Old Town will amaze you with the beautiful smells coming from the narrow alleys. Chania offers visitors a chance to relish the delicious meals of the Cretan tradition that exists since the ancient years. Dinners and meals in Chania are accompanied by some of the best local wine varieties, tsikoudia or raki (local drink). A visit to Chania is not complete unless you have tasted some of the regional specialties.