Chania Therissos Gorge

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Location: Therissos

Therissos Gorge stands out for its unique natural beauty. It is the nearest gorge to Chania (15 km from the town) and one of the easiest ones to visit as well, since it can be crossed by car. In addition to the main road that passes through the gorge, there are various paths in this area, making it popular for hiking.

Therissos Gorge is located near the historic village of Therissos, which lies on the foothills of the mountains known as Lefka Ori. The gorge itself is approximately 6 km long, although the entire route is around 14 km long. The natural landscape is truly magnificent, with lush steep cliffs, rocky areas, a stream, lush vegetation and inaccessible caves.
In this area, you will find various species of small animals, birds, reptiles and plants. To protect the local flora and fauna, the Gorge of Therissos has been added to the Natura 2000 network for its ecological importance.

In addition to hiking, the area is also ideal for trekking, while some spots are popular for rock climbing.



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