Chania Therissos Gorge

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Location: Therissos

Therisos Gorge stands out for its unique natural beauty. It is the nearest gorge to Chania Town (10 km away) and one of the easiest to visit as well since it can be crossed by car. In addition to the main road, various paths make it popular for hiking.

It is located near the historic village of Therisos, which lies on the foothills of the mountain range known as the White Mountains. The gorge is approximately 6 km long, though the entire route is around 14 km long. Its width ranges from 15 to 250 meters, while the Kladisos River runs through it, streaming down from the White Mountains, till it reaches the beach of Nea Chora. The natural landscape is truly magnificent, with steep cliffs and inaccessible caves. The whole area is covered with plane groves, oleanders and brushwood, while a small cypress grove stretches south of Therisos village. Moreover, a small valley is formed at its widest point, filled with orchards and vineyards.
In this area, you will find various species of small animals, birds, and reptiles, while the endemic flora comprises rare or endangered species protected at a national or even international level. To preserve the local flora and fauna, the Gorge of Therisos has been added to the Natura 2000 network.

The area is also ideal for trekking, while some spots are popular for rock climbing. It boasts one of the best trekking routes in Europe, which starts there and goes all the way up to Pachnes, the highest peak of the White Mountains, at an altitude of 2.450 meters.

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