Chania Venetian Lighthouse

Location: Town

The old port of Chania is a bustling place during the day and one of the most romantic spots at night. The beautiful Venetian lighthouse, one of the oldest in the whole world, is ideally located at the end of the pier and is considered to be the symbol of Chania.

In order to defend the island against Ottoman and pirate attacks, the Venetians carried out extensive fortification works all over Crete. Thus, between 1595 and 1601, they erected the bastion of Agios Nikolaos, the Firkas fortress, and the lighthouse at the end of the mole of Chania. Its original octagonal base can still be seen today. A chain could be attached to it, stretching up to Firkas, to close the harbor.

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During the Ottoman occupation, it fell into disrepair, but, during the 1830s, it was restored by the Egyptians, who ruled the island from 1830 to 1840. After these repairs, the middle part of the tower has 16 angles, while the top part is circular. Both its architectural features and the internal stone staircase that leads to a balcony with a glass-covered turret make it look like a minaret. This is why the locals often refer to it as the ‘Egyptian lighthouse’. By the end of the Ottoman era, the project had been completed with the addition of a staircase on the eastern side. Pipes were also added so that the seawater could pass under the surface of its base. In its present form, the lighthouse is 21 meters tall.

During the Second World War, it suffered considerable damage, but it was extensively renovated in 2005 so that it has regained all its former glory.

The lighthouse is no longer operational but it is still one of the top attractions of Chania for its magnificent architecture and historical interest. Visitors can walk along the Venetian walls but are not allowed to go inside. Yet, it is well-worth a visit, as, from there, the view of the port is absolutely amazing. At night, the lighthouse shines in the dark, making for a truly kaleidoscopic vignette.



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