Chania Venetian Lighthouse

Location: Town

The Venetian Lighthouse of Chania, Crete: The port of Chania is one of the busiest places during the day and the most romantic spot at night. The beautiful Venetian lighthouse is ideally located at the extreme end of the pier, at the entrance of the port and is considered to be the symbol of Chania.

Initially, the lighthouse was built by the Venetians in 1570 and later on, it was reconstructed for the last time in 1830. It is conspicuous by its rectangular shape and its made of stone blocks. The lighthouse is no longer operational but it is still one of the top attractions of Chania for its magnificent architecture and historical interest.

At night the lighthouse shines in the dark and it makes for a truly kaleidoscopic vignette. Visitors can walk along the Venetian walls but it is not allowed to enter its interiors. The view from the port of Chania is absolutely amazing.

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