Chania Festivals & Cultural Events

The endless celebrations and local festivals of Chania Crete connect people with their past traditions. Plenty of religious celebrations embrace both locals and tourists, always accompanied by excellent Cretan products, music, and dancing.

Religious feasts & festivals

August 15th
August 15th is the largest religious celebration in Crete, on the occasion of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary. There are open panigiria in many villages of Chania Crete, anywhere there is even a small chapel dedicated to Panagia (Virgin Mary). A very popular panigiri that day takes place in the Monastery of Chrissoskalitissa, just above the fabulous beach of Elafonissi.

April 23rd
On April 23rd (or Monday after Easter), there is the celebration of Agios Georgios. The largest festival for this saint takes place in Asi Gonia, a mountainous village of Chania. On this day, the locals celebrate the feast of Agios Georgios Galatas, which means protector of milk. All ship flocks of the locals are gathered around the church of the village and after the Holy Mass, the priest blesses them. Then, the ship is milked in the square and the milk is offered to the people.

September 15th
On September 15th, there is a large feast in Fragkokastello in honor of Agios Nikitas.

Cultural events

Many carnival festivities and parades take place in various towns of Chania, such as Chania Town, Souda, Paleochora, and Kalyves.

Nautical Week
Every year, on the first week of July, there is a Nautical Week in the port of Chania Town. Every other year, this Nautical Week also takes place in the ports of Paleochora and Georgioupolis.

Wine Festival
In August, there are many wine festivals in various villages of Chania.

Cultural Summer
All summer long, from June to August, there are various events in the municipality of Chania. These events include theatre performances, musical concerts, lectures, art and photo exhibitions, sports competitions and others.

Sardines Festival
The first week of September, there is a Sardines Festival in Souda and Nea Chora.

Agricultural August
In the first weeks of August, there is an agricultural exhibition in the old port of Chania Town.

Raki Festival
In November, the month of raki production, there is a raki festival in Chania Town, Loutraki Kydonias and Limni Platanias.