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Anopolis is a small mountainous village lying at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level. It is located on a fertile plateau 84 km south of Chania Town and it consists of ten settlements scattered around the plateau. Its inhabitants are engaged in agriculture and stock breeding.

The village can be accessed via a 12-kilometer-long winding road that climbs up from Sfakia. The verdant landscape, surrounded by the imposing White Mountains and by paths that lead all the way up to the Mountain Desert, is absolutely awe-inspiring. West of the plateau rises the rugged Aradena Gorge, which can be reached through an iron bridge. Being the second-highest bridge in Europe, this is a great spot for bungee jumping and you can find an organized bungee jumping center in the area.

In ancient times, Anopolis flourished as an independent town and it actually minted its own coins. During the Venetian and the Turkish occupation periods, its inhabitants rebelled many times, asking for the independence of Crete, but uprisings were suppressed and the town was burnt down on several occasions. A famous Cretan rebel from Anopolis was Ioannis Daskalogiannis, whose name has been given to the International Airport of Chania. His bust can be seen in the square of Anopolis.

Each year, around the middle of August, a Graviera Festival is organized in Anopolis by the local cultural society. Visitors can sample mouthwatering local recipes, including stew, rice pilaf and an assortment of cheeses. The Cretan graviera, a hard yellow cheese whose flavor ranges from slightly sweet to a bit spicy figures, of course, prominently among them. The festival is accompanied by traditional music and dancing.

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