You will find below our selection of the best hotels in Chania but also the best locations for your stay!

On a quick note, we recommend you start your research for hotels in the areas of the town. If you want a seaside resort then Agia Marina, Platanias and Georgioupoli are villages with many tourist facilities. If you want something more authentic, check Palaiochora in the south of the island which is an ideal location.
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Recommended by Greeka

Villa Pefki


Providing carefully designed apartments with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, Villa Pefki is situated in Agios Matheos, near the center of Chania Town. The villa is surrounded by greenery and among its shared facilities, you will discover a large swimming pool with sun loungers.

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Anemos Grand Resort


The luxurious facilities of Anemos Luxury Grand Resort can be found a few meters away from the beach in one of the most peaceful locations in Chania. Featuring a large swimming pool and dining facilities, this hotel is a great option for a seafront vacation with excellent beach facilities.

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Domes Zeen


Domes Zeen is a luxurious five-star hotel that focuses on the living-well experience by providing all the necessary modern comforts, as well as excellent services.

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Amalthia Beach Resort

3 stars

Close to the cosmopolitan Agia Marina beach and also to the Chania centre, Amalthia Beach Resort offers well-furnished rooms and suites with great view to the sea or the garden. With easy access to the beach and the alternative of a big pool divided in two parts, one of which is designed for the ...

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Domes Noruz


The seaside resort Domes Noruz offers an unforgettable experience of luxury in Agioi Apostoloi, only a few steps away from the seashore. Fully equipped suites with a modern interior design and unique luxury features, including private pools or hot tubs, are available for your accommodation.

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Domus Renier Boutique


Domus Renier Boutique Hotel is housed in one of the best-preserved historic buildings in the old town of Chania. Dating back to the Venetian Period, the hotel started as a mansion where many prominent persons have lived during the past. These days, it is fully renovated and its suites have a modern ...

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Madonna Del Mare

4 stars

The suites of Madonna del Mare stand next to the ruins of an old monastery in the area of the Old Harbour in Chania. They offer wonderful views of the surroundings and their relaxing atmosphere promises an amazing experience of modern luxury in an environment with beautiful architecture.

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Metohi Kindelis


Metohi Kindelis is a rural, secluded hotel offering three high-end, comfortable villas, private swimming pools, private gardens, a large fruit farm, fulfilling breakfast options, and a variety of massage and relaxation services.

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Isla Brown


Isla Brown Chania Resort & Spa is a luxurious chain brand hotel that offers modern rooms and lush suites, upper-tier swimming pools, on-site restaurant facilities, and landscape views over the Aegean Sea.

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Endless Blue

3 keys

Offering beachfront accommodation in Paleochora, Endless Blue is the perfect place to relax and enjoy an amazing vacation by the sea. The hotel provides various options for your accommodation, including studios, suites, and apartments with a modern interior design.

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3 keys

The modern resort Kavos Hotel & Suites guarantees an amazing experience of seafront accommodation in the area outside Stavros. The hotel’s stylish design is accompanied by personalized services such and various amenities are also provided to the guests.

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La Mer Resort & Spa


Ideally designed for a deluxe accommodation experience, La Mer Resort & Spa is located only a few steps away from Dramia beach. Featuring dining facilities, a swimming pool and a spa center, at the hotel you will find everything required for an amazing stay at one of the best beaches in Chania.

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Monastery Estate

3 stars

Monastery Estate Retreat is a countryside retreat in the area of Sougia. It offers accommodation in double suites with a modern style and ensures access to private swimming pools. This hotel is suitable for guests who would like to experience accommodation in one the most serene and private areas in ...

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Monastery Estate Venetian Harbor

4 stars

Located in the Old Town of Chania, Monastery Estate Venetian Harbor is housed in a historic building that dates back to the 16th century. Modern details have been gracefully added to its well-preserved traditional architecture to offer a unique experience of luxurious accommodation.

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Pilot Amphora Boutique


Conveniently located near the center of Georgioupolis and surrounded by the Cretan countryside, Pilot Amphora Boutique Hotel is a modern resort with deluxe facilities and a sophisticated design. Private and shared swimming pools are available and its suites are well-equipped.

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Scala de Faro

4 stars

Offering deluxe rooms and suites in the center of Chania, close to the sea and various local landmarks, Scala de Faro has an elegant atmosphere and a modern interior design. Many of the rooms or suites come with additional luxury features, including a hot tub or a private terrace.

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Serenissima Boutique


Offering luxurious accommodation in cozy suites in the center of Chania Town, Serenissima Boutique Hotel provides a calm and peaceful environment for your accommodation in Crete. The hotel also has a restaurant where you can try delicacies of the Mediterranean cuisine.

Recommended by Greeka

Samaria By The Sea

2 stars

Offering cozy and welcoming rooms, the renovated hotel Samaria by the Sea combines a beautiful environment with amazing views of the sea. The hotel is conveniently located near the center of Chora Sfakion and its rooms and suites are family-friendly. A car parking area is also available.

Recommended by Greeka

Mosaic Urban

3 keys

At a short walking distance from all major landmarks of the Old Town of Chania, Mosaic hotel provides rooms and suites with a unique design, where a modern style is mixed with elements that highlight the town’s rich cultural background. The hotel’s building dates back to the pre-WW2 times.

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Combining modern amenities with antique furniture pieces, Evans House is a beautifully designed collection of apartments and studios near the old town of Chania. They are fully equipped, with modern kitchens and a variety of amenities that guarantee an amazing accommodation experience.

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Delfina Beach

4 stars

The beachfront Delfina Beach Hotel offers you the opportunity to spend your vacation in Crete only a few meters away from one of the most beautiful seashores in Crete, near the town of Georgioupolis. The hotel provides rooms and suites with a bright atmosphere and a modern design.





Below, you will discover more information about the best locations to stay in Chania.


Our recommendations:
Domus Renier Boutique HotelMadonna Del MareMonastery Estate Venetian HarborSerenissima Boutique Hotel

The seafront of Chania Town is the most popular place to stay and the safest option.
This is one of the most picturesque towns in Greece, with traditional architecture and numerous well-preserved historic buildings with original architecture that dates back to the Venetian or Ottoman periods.
Many old stone-built mansions have been fully restored to be turned into stylish restaurants or boutique hotels.
The town also has a photogenic Old Port with a Venetian lighthouse.
A central location comes with the benefit of always having various facilities within a short distance, although the streets may be somewhat busy and noisy.
The nearest beaches to the town are Koum Kapi and Nea Chora, but keep in mind that the island has much better alternatives to offer just a short minute drive such as Agioi Apostoli (20'), Loutraki (40'), Marathi (40'), and Stavros (aka Zorbas Beach - 40') and more.
Discover the Town


Our recommendations:
Amalthia Beach Resort

Situated on the touristy northern coast of Crete, Agia Marina offers many tourist resorts and all-inclusive hotel units with a beachfront location.
Agia Marina is located around 23 km away from the airport of Chania and it is a great option for visitors who want to invest in excellent hotel facilities above everything.
Chania Town is a short drive away as well.
The recently-built village does not have a traditional atmosphere and it is mostly recommended for visitors who want to have access to clubs, beach bars, restaurants and other facilities.
The area can get quite crowded during the summer season since a long sandy beach is located there. Although the beach is decent, it is a good idea to visit other seashores of Chania for the ultimate seaside experience.
When looking for a place to stay, remember that although most all-inclusive resorts have luxurious undertones, it is also possible to find budget options that are usually older and less posh.
Discover Agia Marina


Our recommendations:
Louis Creta Princess Aquapark and Spa

Platanias offers a scenery much similar to that of Agia Marina.
The area is known to be a big touristic resort, full of hotels, many of which provide all-inclusive services.
The settlement is newly-built and it is mainly designed to accommodate the hordes of visitors that arrive every summer. It lacks traditional color and it is only suitable for visitors who set high-quality hotel facilities as a top priority.
For visitors on a tight budget, cheaper lodging is also available in Platanias, as long as you're willing to give up sea views and opt for a smaller hotel without ultra-modern facilities.
In this area, you will find numerous beach bars, clubs, restaurants and other facilities that make it suitable for travelers who enjoy a lively background.
A long sandy beach is located there but if you are able to travel around, we recommend visiting some of the more impressive beaches of Chania.
Platanias is also conveniently located, within a short driving distance from Chania Town (10 km) and Chania International Airport (21 km).
Discover Platanias


Our recommendations:
Anemos Luxury Grand ResortLa Mer Resort and Spa

Georgioupoli is one of the most popular seafront resorts in Crete, with a sandy bay that is 9 kilometers long.
The coastal settlement of Georgioupoli is mostly made up of large beach resorts and all-inclusive hotels.
This location is ideal for those who want to find lodging that combines all kinds of facilities, while at the same time being only a few steps away from the seashore.
Georgioupoli is very easy to reach by car and is near the National Road which connects Chania to Rethymno.
By renting a car, you will be able to explore the coastlines of both regions and discover many amazing beaches along the way.
Discover Georgioupoli


Our recommendations:
Endless Blue

The coastal town of Paleochora is located on the southern part of Crete.
This is an excellent location for families and groups of friends who prefer a more relaxing kind of holiday, away from busier places.
Paleochora has some of the best beaches in the region to offer, as well as several non-touristy bars and restaurants that offer high-quality services in an authentic setting.
Generally, this town is much different compared to the touristy settlements on the northern coast of Crete.
From Paleochora, you will also be able to take a ferry and go directly to Gavdos Island, Sfakia, Sougia, Loutro Village, and Agia Roumeli (where the Gorge of Samaria leads) and other traditional villages, as a day trip.
Discover Paleochora




Crete is the largest island in Greece and it is one of the most touristically developed islands. It is divided into 4 prefectures: Chania, Rethymnon, Heraklion and Lassithi.
The region of Chania covers the western part of the island and the capital of this prefecture is Chania Town.
The main port of Chania is Souda, located 6km away from the Town and the Chania International Airport is located 14km away. The rest of the region is full of smaller towns, villages and coastal settlements.

When looking for accommodation, keep in mind that the hotel units are scattered around the whole region, including the Town, the coastline and the villages of the countryside.
Of all these areas, the northern coast is probably the most touristically developed zone, with numerous luxury beach resorts, as well as smaller boutique hotels, studios and apartments or other budget facilities.
The coastline of Chania is highly recommended if having access to the beach is a priority for you. The sea views are also amazing in this area.

For those interested in central locations, the Old Town of Chania is highly recommended as the city's most picturesque spot.
In its neighborhoods, you will discover historic mansions that have been turned into charming boutique hotels. Some of them offer lovely views of the old port and its famous lighthouse.
Another advantage of a central location is that you will be staying near various shops, restaurants and other facilities.

Finding a place to stay in this region should not cause any issues, since most hotels are in excellent condition, no matter whether they are newly built or renovated.
Luxurious 5-star resorts are also some of the best complexes that one can find in Greece.
In areas that are more touristy, a few tourist traps may exist but they are easy to avoid if you book your lodging ahead of time. Generally, it is a good idea to book a hotel around 4-5 months in advance and browsing through our recommended hotels will surely be helpful during your research.
For visitors who would like to stay in lively places with a cosmopolitan atmosphere that attracts many tourists and are located near the beach, Georgioupoli, Agia Marina, Platanias and Kalives are some of the most popular options.
On the other hand, for those who appreciate the tranquility and peace of more secluded areas, there are various locations with an authentic atmosphere and a traditional color, such as the beachfront Paleochora (that also has a port), Sfakia and Frangokastello. In these areas, you will find mostly small family-owned units.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), no facilities are available at the most spectacular beaches of Crete, since places such as Elafonissi, Falassarna and Balos have been listed as protected natural areas.
However, they are easy to access by car.

No matter which location you choose, a car rental is strongly recommended for anyone staying in this region as it gives you the freedom to travel around as much as you want.
Crete is a huge island and distances between destinations are usually quite long.




When should I book my hotel?

Chania is visited by thousands of tourists every year so booking your hotel early is recommended.
Especially if you are travelling during the high season (June- August) and want to stay in a convenient location, it is safer to have completed your reservation 4-5 months in advance.

When is the best time to visit?

Crete in general and Chania specifically, are almost a year-round destination since the winter is mild. Nevertheless, the tourist season, when most restaurants and hotels are open, starts in mid-April and finishes in early November.
July- September are the busiest months on the island.

Where should I book my hotel? is an online travelling guide about Greece and the Greek islands operating since 1999.
We have hand-picked the best hotels on the island and have included them and presented them on our website. By clicking the “Book online” button, you will either, in case of affiliate links*, be redirected to and will handle your reservation or in case of sponsored links, you will be redirected to the official hotel website, where the hotel will handle the reservation. In both cases, there is no extra fee charged to you for this. * pays a small commission to us for every booking which helps us to continue our qualitative work and provide you with the best possible information.

Is there another way to make a hotel reservation?

You can contact the hotel by phone or mail. In some cases, you might find some cheaper rates but it is not recommended.

Will I find last-minute availability?

Don’t wait until the last minute to book your lodging if you are travelling from July to September. Chania is a popular destination and hotel rooms get sold out quickly. Booking your stay 4-5 months in advance is safe.

How many days should I spend in Chania?

A week in Chania is enough time to visit the main attractions, the beaches and villages of the wider region of Chania.

What types of accommodation are available?

You can basically find all kinds of types. More specifically there are boutique hotels, rooms to let, bnbs, luxury hotels and suites.

Is accommodation expensive?

It depends on the period and the type of hotel. Lower rates are found during April- May and October. Higher rates are found during the summer months. Also, it depends on the location.

How much does accommodation cost?

It depends on many factors. An average estimation without including Luxury options, for 2 persons would be around 80-120 euros/per night in high season.

Where is the best place to stay if you are travelling on a budget?

You can find cheap options (50 euros) in the town of Chania.

Where is the best place to stay for a family with children?

Chania is a family-friendly destination. Any hotel with family rooms and close to a beach is ideal for travelling with kids.