Chania Imbros Gorge

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Location: Imbros

Located near Sfakia, Imbros Gorge is the second largest in Crete after Samaria Gorge and one of the most popular among visitors. Forming part of the E4 European Long Distance Path that traverses all Cretan mountains, it is 11 km long, and crossing it usually takes around 3-4 hours. The landscape is mindblowing, and the terrain is relatively easy, which makes it accessible even to families with children or inexperienced hikers.

The trek begins in the hamlet of Imbros, at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level. The first part, which is called Porofarago or Porolagos, slopes downward and its walls are low. As you go down, though, it keeps narrowing, while the crags on either side become higher and higher, with caves opening up on their surface. At the same time, old cypresses, kermes oaks and acers spring up from among the rocks, creating an awe-inspiring scenery. Keep an eye out for any wildlife, as you might be lucky enough to spot wild goats on the rocks.

Here and there, traces of the old cobblestone path that joined Sfakia and Chania are still visible, reminiscent of the numerous battles that took place here between the Cretans and the Ottomans. Moving further on, you will come to a place called ‘Airplane’. It was here that a German airplane, whose debris can be seen in the Askifou War Museum, crashed during the Second World War. Right after that, you will see a place with several small troughs carved on the rocks; however, they are filled with water only during the winter months. The most spectacular location in the gorge is definitely Stenada. Here, the walls are no more than 1.5 meters apart, and they reach a height of 300 meters, taking fantastic shapes! From this point on, the canyon begins to widen again, leading to a resting place with a Venetian cistern at Mesofarago. Another spot of stunning beauty is Xepitira, which boasts a spectacular stone arch. A few more narrow passages take visitors to the exit, in the village of Komitades. There are a couple of taverns at the end of the gorge and even more at the village so that you can rest and reward yourselves with local delicacies.

You can get to the entrance by car, bus, or taxi, as there are several connections between Imbros and Chania Town in the summer.

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    Witness the impressive Imbros Gorge, stop by the village of Komitades, and enjoy a Mediterranean meal and a swim in the seaside area of Sfakia.

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