Chania in World War II

Chania in World War II: Chania Town was the center of much activity during World War II. In fact, this charming town was forcibly occupied by the Germans during the Second World War. The city was partially ruined as a result of a series of bombings. Most essential services were paralyzed and the city life came to a standstill. A vast majority of the city's population was mercilessly executed. And those who escaped persecution were imprisoned largely due to the fact that they resisted the German invasion. In those days, Chania had a flourishing Jewish community and unfortunately, they were totally eliminated by the Germans during the War.

Most Jews were ferried off of the island by the Germans in 1944. Unfortunately, a group of Jews that were on one of the ferries, perished when a British torpedo sank the vessel Tanais that was carrying the Jewish people, thereby killing all of them in the open sea. Chania was extensively bombed during World War II and one can still see the remnants of the demolished edifices that stand as mute testimony to the Second World War.