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Located above the islands of Kefalonia and Ithaca, Lefkada island is separated from the mainland (prefecture of Aitoloakarnania) by a narrow channel; a drawbridge above the channel and a bridge above the lagoon connect the island to the mainland. Because of those bridges, Lefkada is the only island that can be reached by road.

The mountainous and fertile island of Lefkada is coated with dense and verdant vegetation. The two highest peaks rise over 1,000 meters. The popularity of Lefkada is mostly due to its heavenly landscape and stunning beaches with endless sand, impressive turquoise waters and majestic vertical rocky cliffs.

Nine satellite islands surround Lefkada: Meganisi, Kalamos, Kastos, Madouri, Skorpidi, Skorpios, Thilia, Petalou, and Kythros. Skorpios is famous for being a private island of renowned Greek shipowner Aristotelis Onassis.

Lefkada is also the birthplace of world-famous artists, like opera singer Agnes Baltsa, writer Angelos Sikelianos, and author Patrick Lafcadio Hearn, mostly known as Yakumo Koizumi, the national poet of Japan. We should not forget the equally important poet Aristotelis Valaoritis, also born in Lefkada.

The island is rich in history and culture, a fact apparent through its many monuments, museums and libraries. After the earthquakes of 1948 and 1953 that destroyed a large part of the island and other Ionian Islands, the capital of Lefkada has been totally rebuilt and now displays a unique architecture: wooden houses covered with a multicolored metal sheet.

Despite being one of the most beautiful and popular islands in Greece, Lefkada remains quite authentic with traditional villages, sea lakes and pure nature. It is also a famous destination for windsurfing and kitesurfing lovers because some of its paradisical beaches offer ideal conditions for these sports.

Lefkada is also known for its perfect sailing conditions. As you will quickly discover, Lefkada constitutes the ideal destination for peaceful, educational, or sportive holidays.

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36 Reviews
  • madjax001 13 Mar 2018
    Get out & about
    The best way to stay on Lefkada is book a villa (Friends stayed in Villa Vangelis in Geni), hire a road worthy car & explore. You are on an island; how lost can you get! There are some amazing sights, do a day or two at the beaches but go down that dirt track, you never know what you might be missing. Get up into the villages where the locals are & eat at the local tavernas run by the local villagers. It's the only way to truly discover Lefkada.
  • vele.velevski 10 Sep 2013
    Breathtaking beaches
    Lefkada.... ah, Lefkada... What can I say about its beaches but spectacular, fantastic, dreamy, heavenly, astonishing. I can go for hours. I have never seen water that crystal clear in my live! The only thing I missed in Lefkada was nightlife. Don't get me wrong, I loved Lefkada, but I'm saying that if you are looking for an island where you can party all night long, you better skip this one. But if you are looking for an island with great natural beauty and heavenly beaches, look no further.
  • dmarrek39 17 Nov 2011
    Dream island with wonderful people
    Cleaning the island is lacking, you can not destroy what is beautiful with piles of garbage! It is disgusting to see garbage. I must confess that this island is something incredibly wonderful, but on the garbage can destroy this image. Authority should be stronger in those who pollute sanctions. Leaves much to be desired and roads are bad, and very little parking and undeveloped.
  • lovegr23 28 Mar 2011
    A treasure of Ionian
    If you are dreaming to go to the popular exotic places of Hawaii or Caribbean, you may as well visit Lefkada, one of the these perfect Greek islands. The place was blessed with crystal waters combined with beautiful rocky landscape. Kathisma, Agios Ioannis, Porto Katsiki, Egremni are among the most popular beaches of Lefkada. The last two are quite far from the town, about 45 km each, they get very crowded but it is the ideal place for a swim in the blue waters. Lefkada is a not a small island so it can take days to make a tour around the villages. We also went to the Dimossari Waterfalls where the mountains and the gorge create a magical atmosphere, but the river water were too cold to swim. The eastern beaches are also cold, but summer in Greece is sooo hot that you don't actually care about that. Our hotel was about 1 km from Nidri and from the balcony we could see some small islands far in the sea. From Nidri there are boats to Kefalonia but we left this island for another time. We took another boat to Meganisi, opposite Nidri, with lush green and nice beaches.
  • marina.tentsoglidou 29 Sep 2010
    Nice vacations
    It was our first time at Lefkada last summer. Really beautiful place, very much green and blue wherever we were looking! People were really polite and hospitable!!! Prices were logical anywhere except Vassiliki, where we ate a bad and very expensive meal!!! We stayed at "Stathis rooms" at Agios Nikitas and it was full of benefits with very logical price. Stathis and Vasso are very polite, considerate and good with everybody!! I gladly will come back soon!!!

  • jerry23 04 Sep 2010
    Spectacular beaches
    I am just back from a volunteer summer job in Lefkada and I have such fond memories of the place, I am so looking forward to going back next summer. I was quite unimpressed by the island during the initial days of my stay, feeling that the place lacked the rich historical heritage of Athens or Thessaloniki, but after a few days of traveling around, I thought it could indeed turn out to be an attractive holiday destination with its magnificent mountainous backdrops, quaint villages, stunning sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.

    Thankfully, tourism is restricted to certain resorts, like Nidri or Vassiliki, a hot destination for windsurfers, but the west coast beaches remain untouched, largely due to the fact that many of them are quite inaccessible. I made a trip to Milos Beach, accessible through a dirt track from Agios Nikitas and some descending stairs. The track was steep and slippery, but the 20-minute extreme adventure climb was well worth the astonishingly beautiful view over the bay of Milos. The southern end of the beach dotted with caves is ideal for naturists. At the beginning of the beach there is a cafe bar.

    One other spectacular beach, which in my opinion, has to be ranked among the best beaches in the Mediterranean is Egremni. Porto Katsiki may be the most famous beach of Lefkada, but I though it was too crowded. Egremni is far more impressive and enjoyable!!!
  • abigail 11 Jul 2010
    Week of nonstop surfing
    We just returned from a surfing holiday at Lefkada. One week of nonstop surfing in two of the finest bays on the island that are famous for their ideal surfing conditions and the excellent winds that blow across in the afternoons. This was the best holiday ever!

    The beach front had several accommodation options, but we stayed at an apartment opposite the road (45 euros per night, which is truly a burgain for the facilities and the location, a walking distance from the beach). The wide bay is surrounded by hills covered in thick vegetation and this is one of the most spectacular beaches in the Ionian Sea. The beach is sandy and the sea shallow, tending to shelve gently making it safe for the kids to fool around.

    There are several surfing schools along the beachfront that offer equipment and instruction. We also tried our hand at cat sailing. Didn't score too well in that field, I must confess. From the village of Vasiliki, we took a walk southwards along the coast to the beach of Agiofili.

    On one of the days, we went on a cycling tour of the valley and surrounding hills, although we didn't venture too high up the mountains (we left that to the extreme bikers, some of whom we saw maneuvering some rather tricky terrains). There are a cluster of cafes, restaurants, bars and ice cream shops at the harbor front, and a disco. As it was June, the main theme in most restaurant and bars in Lefkada was the world cup.
  • zaino 09 Mar 2010
    Most fantastic beaches
    The beaches of Lefkada were FANTASTIC!! Blue water, the cleanest waters I've ever seen. It was a delight for me to swim there, I just didn't want to get out of the water!!!

    Lefkada has some beautiful villages also. The village of Karya is wonderful and the lucky people that happen to be there on July 21st will have a great time because of a festival called Riganada, where the villagers give to everyone a plate containing bread soaked in water and olive oil, tomatos and local sardenes.

    The nightlife of Lefkada exists only in the town of Nydri, where every single tourist will find something appealing in the rest of the island, the nightlife does not exist.

    Food is quite important in my vacation but generally I can't say I was thrilled with the food in Lefkada, unfortunately. I went to a tavern in Vassiliki and I ate synagrida (local fresh fish) and it was fresh allright, but it was not cooked well. I ate good food in the Ionian Blue Hotel, it's open to visitors every night.

    Tourist facilities are great on Lefkada, I was completely satisfied by the authorities and I also liked the fact that I could see police patrols in every corner of the island. Just go and swim to every beach, but be careful when it's windy. The waters are deep and it could be dangerous.

    Lefkada is only 4 hours drive from Athens. The road from Athens to Corinth is good, from Corinth to Patras is tricky and you have to be constantly on the alert and it becomes good again from Patras to Lefkada.
  • despoina_s 27 Jan 2010
    Just follow the road
    The best beaches on Lefkada are located in the western coast where waters are the purest. The eastern coast has more villages than beaches and the water is not that clean. Kathisma and Kalamitsi were the beach beaches. Egremni was hard to get with all these stairs and Porto Katsiki was too crowded for my tastes.

    Lefkada is soooooo relaxing and the good thing is that you don't have to plan your trip. You get into the car and just follow the road. All roads leave anywhere and in the crossroads just pick up a street, do not think more of it! By such a chance we got to the beautiful square of Karia and had an amazing Greek coffee under the plane tree. In Nidri, there are the most fun watersports and in Agios Ioannis you can do windsurfing and kitesurfing.

    The hotel was in Agios Nikitas. a good centeal location close to the most gorgeous beaches and the capital town. Food is fresh and cheap everywhere, no need to worry about quality. I travel for many years in Greece and never had a food problem.
  • patrizio.demattia 20 Nov 2009
    Kitesurfing and white beaches
    Lefkada is a little Greek island not so far from Italy where you can do KiteSurfing every day with perfect conditions of wind and sea. Accomodations and meals are less expensive than Italy and other summer destinations. These are the reasons why I chose this place.

    On the island I spent 20 nights in a small, kind and comfortable apartment in Agios Nikitas, 5 minutes far from Lefkadacity centre. From the windows of my apartment a beautiful view of Agios Ioannis beach with his windmills directly on the sand. Lodgings are offered everywhere and prices start from 50 Euros.

    Along the west coast, there are several beaches with different kind of conditions: Agios Ioannis is a long strip of pebbles where people make WindSurfing and KiteSurfing. I was there every day in the afternoon with my friends. Porto Katsiki is a little bay sheltered from the wind, with clear water and a lot of people on the sand. Egremni is perfect for those who love blue turquoise sea, white pebbles beach and peace. The best place in my opinion, although 350 steps to reach the beach are rather tiring! Finally in Kalamitsi you can find big rocks near the sea and enjoy yourself with dives. The east coast is less attractive because some harbours make the water a little bit dirty.

    KiteSurfing in Agios Ioannis was the best experience during my trip! You really feel the elation of speed on the water when wind sounds in your ears and water is raised by the table under your feet. Something amazing!!!

    The city of Lefkada is a tourist seaport with a small centre: souvenir shops, ice-cream parlours and restaurants a go go. Nightlife is concentrated in some disco-pubs in front of the sea and music sounds till the morning. Keep open eyes men, there are a lot of beautiful girls on the dance floor! Nidri on the east coast is another little city like Lefkada. There are less entertainments and more restaurants but it's closer to the west coast beaches, so well-suited for families in my opinion. Greek and Italian cuisine are everywhere on the island with prices from 10 to 20 Euro for fish and meat dishes.

    Greeks are very friendly persons and you really feel immediately like at home.

    Finally I can recommend Lefkada to everyone: nature is beautiful, sea and beaches are stunning and there is a good compromise between quality of services and cost of life.

    Have a good trip!!!
  • joankam 21 Oct 2009
    Striking nature and beaches
    I first visited Lefkada with my friends this summer. The island is really pretty. The beautiful landscapes, the array of wild flowers and the dense vegetation everywhere renders a striking and admirable picture.

    We stayed at an apartment in Agios Nikitas. It is a lovely fishing village. This village is filled with olive groves and one can literally smell olives sometimes. Since our apartment had a sea facing view, each day we used to enjoy amazing sunrise views. The local taverns make some delicious Greek dishes. The meat dishes were really my favorites. The golden sandy beach of Agios Nikitas is very clean but usually crowded. We enjoyed swimming in the warm turquoise waters. The sun beds were ideal to relax after long hours of swimming. The beach bars cater some fantastic and rejuvenating cocktails.

    We also hopped around some touristy places with a car we rented. We visited Agia Mavra Castle, Porto Katsiki beach and Damossari Waterfalls. I would recommend the beach of Porto Katsiki to visit on Lefkadaand the beach of Egremni, which is a bit less crowded. Both have exceptionally charming natural surroundings.
  • i_luminita 13 Jul 2009
    Unspoiled and charming
    We are just arrived from an amazing holiday in Lefkada and Myrto Apartments was our home on the island. The hotel was one of the best in our holidays in Greece and we travel for many years in this country.The word that define this place is warm and peace and Myrto is a gift for everyone who spend holiday in Lefkada.

    We are in love with beautiful,not crowded beaches like Kavalikefta, Kathisma, Porto Katsiki. It seems like time is stopped and all the restless and noise typical to touristic places is far from here. From my point of view, Agios Nikitas and Sivota are the most beautiful and particular villages of Lefkada. All the west coast has amazing landscapes beginning with Aghios Nikitas and finishing with Cape Lefkatas.The beautiful bay of Aghios Nikitas is like a frame from an old movie and I expect Irene Papas to appear from one of the taverna from the port.

    For us Lefkada is one of the best islands in Greece and we hope that it remained the same for many years: unspoiled and charming.
  • luca29 18 Apr 2009
    Gorgeous in true sense
    Gorgeous... just that! This is the only way to describe Lefkada... Excellent beaches (Kathisma, Porto Katsiki) and nice hidden coves only accessible by boat. Rent a boat and make the tour of the island. Scorpios island has the best but it is a private property and you are allowed to swim only in one or two of them.

    Food was great. Most romantic restaurant was the House of Kofolonus in Nikianna village. Prices were quite high though in all restaurants. Menus could have more varieties.

    Nightlife was poor but you get so exhausted all day from the excursions, but you are not in the mood to go and dance all night, so we didn't actually miss clubbing.
  • adcan 16 Mar 2009
    Keep those fantastic beaches clean
    The beaches on Lefkada are FANTASTIC, especially Egremni, Porto Katsiki, Kalamitsi... Even Thailand doesn't have such beautiful beaches!! Just one thing bothered me, that some people leave trash behind. OK, there are not many bins, but nobody should leave rubbish on the beach. The locals must pay attention on that. If there is nobody who could clean these wonderful beaches, then I will come...)) Really, it is a shame that such a beautiful island may get filled with trash, it will a be a tragedy.
  • joyce4 01 Feb 2009
    Most about good beaches
    Most of all, Lefkada has great beaches. Porto Katsiki and Egremni are the best. Vasiliki beach was not so good, just nice for windsurfing. To my mind, the best beaches are on the western part. The eastern part is less developed and picturesque. Food was also very good on Lefkada and at very reasonable prices. The only bad on the island were the roads, which were too dangerous and with no lights.
  • geo4fd 01 Nov 2008
    Drive and see all of the island
    Lefkada is a gorgeous island with amazing beaches. Egremni and Kathisma are a dream! Apart from the famous beaches, it is also worth seeing other, more remore shores. Drive around the island and see all of it. Rentals are expensive on the island but if you book early, you can save almost half the price. My hotel was in Vasiliki, opposite the port. Every Sunday morning, there was a Mass in a church close by the hotel. I reget I didn't go to any of them while I was on the island. I think it would be a nice Greek expereience. If you are looking for nightlife on Lefkada, you will find most bars in Lefkada town, the other villages are far less developed.
  • tassisp 25 Aug 2008
    Lefkada beaches
    Porto katsiki, egkremnoi and kathisma beaches were magnificent. Breathtaking view from above. Egkremnoi beach needs some transportation in order to avoid the numerous stairs, but it rewards you when you are in that wonderful clean water!
  • saralob 08 Aug 2008
    Breathtaking beaches on the west
    Lefdaka is a beautiful, amazing island. The beaches of west coast are breathtaking. I recommend visitors to see tha beaches of Porto Katsiki, Egremni and also the beach of Milos, the most isolated I saw. A very good place to stay is Agios Nikitas, a small village near the beaches of Milos and Kathisma. I enjoyed the restaurans in Vassiliki, in the south of the
    island. The food is very good and cheaper than Lefkas town. Improve the parking near Porto Katsiki!! We need to know if the parking is full before we go with the car down the hill, until the parking area.
  • nikosgerm 27 Mar 2008
    Nice for windsurfing
    Lefkada was recommended by friends as having the best beaches in Greece. Indeed, they were lovely and extremely clean. I recommend it especially for family vacations and couples. Everything was very traditional. The island was perfect, with amazing landscapes. You can windsurf on most beaches. The best beach we visited was Porto Katsiki along with Gremni. As for nightlife, there isn't much, but with all the excursions and the sites we saw, this was of minor importance. However, one thing that needs to be ameliorated is the condition of roads. They can get pretty dangerous if you do not pay good attention.
  • sofia_s 14 Feb 2008
    A very good suggestion
    I have friends on the island, so I decided to visit them combining it with my summer vacations. I already knew about Porto Katsiki Beach, the mountains and the landscapes, but seeing them was fantastic! The island is covered with trees, the beaches are amazing with crystal waters; my favourite activity was swimming. You shouldn't miss the beaches of Porto Katsiki, Nikiana and Myli. However, the villages were not as beautiful nor were they clean enough. There were many things to do and see while on the island, but unfortunately there was not much tourist information to guide you. At least the local transportation service was very good and we managed to find our way. As for the food, it was great and at very good prices. I'd love to come again and I'll surely recommend it to others.
  • unknown 22 Nov 2007
    Lefkada is very scenic and lush
    We picked up our car right after our flight and
    drove straight to the island, as a result it seemed long (about 6 hours with stops), but it was VERY easy to get to the island and the drive was pleasureable -- beautiful scenery, many clean rest stops along the way.
    The island is beautiful. It is very scenic and lush. Any pictures that you have seen in brochures or on the Internet really do not do it justice. The beaches are magnificent, especially Kathisma. Plan on getting there before noon to ensure you get an umbrella and beach chairs because it gets very hot!
    The local food was good. It's best to try to eat earlier in the evening to ensure everything is still available on the menu since everyone eats late
    in Greece.
  • lynndobson 24 Jul 2007
    Super Holiday
    We visited Lefkada for 3 weeks in June and stayed in the fantastic resort of Vass. We were greatly suprised by the friendly people and the great atmosphere of the place, we felt at home at once. The windsurfing although being our first time was really good fun and so easy to learn, we had lessons with Mateus at Happy surf club and within a few hours we were on our boards even though we are old fogeys (56). The snack bar at the club serves great food and very cheap, we will stay there the next year as the rooms are very very clean and they also take dogs. I could go on forever praising the place but go for yourselves and see you will not be dissapointed.
  • katrin_978 08 Jul 2007
    Gem of Europe
    It is a perfect family getaway, very romantic place, great marina, one of the best surfing in Europe. The best beach was by far Porto Kachiki. Don't miss visiting the town of Lefkada, Nidri and Vasiliki, and get a boat for a day from Nidri, you won't regret it! The food was great, the restourants were well maintained with very polite and quick stuff, the bakeries were amazing, of course the gyros - the only thing is that they don''t have working hours, so you never know when a bakery or a srory will be open... This is a gem of Europe, I and my husband had the best time there, if you have a chance - just visit it!
  • Marina_F 26 Apr 2007
    A lot of places to visit and see
    "I chose Greece and Lefkada in particular because of the easy access there by car, without the need of traveling by boat to get there. It was not the first time visiting Lefkada and it is famous for the great Mediterranean landscapes and the wonderful beaches. I enjoyed a lot my stay there. The island was beautiful, full of trees, picturesque villages, amazing beaches, everything was perfect. I especially recommend you Kalamitsi Beach (known also as Kavalikefta) and the villages of Kalamitsi, Karya, and Agios Nikitas! I didn’t try any activity on the island, but I saw well organized water sports in many beaches. The local people were very friendly. The food at the restaurants I tried was excellent and the nightlife was very good. There are a lot of places to visit and see on Lefkada; I definitely recommend it."
  • Dim_Sar 05 Feb 2007
    Great place for swimming and windsurfing
    Nationality: Greek
    Age: 37
    Countries visited: 1-5
    The Trip: I arrived on the island by car. The trip was very good
    Reasons for going to Lefkada: I am Greek and I had visited all the Ionian Islands except for Lefkada
    Idea before arriving to Lefkada: I found all the information about Lefkada on the internet
    Favorite things about the island of Lefkada
    -Best Beaches: Agiofili, Egremni
    -Best Villages: I heard about Karyes but I didn't make it
    -Best Activity: Swimming, windsurfing
    Negative opinion about Lefkada
    The food was toooooo americanized; lack of Greek authenticity......
    Recommendations for future visitors
    Great beaches try to visit as many as possible.
    Rating of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries
  • Maja_Z 21 Dec 2006
    Stop littering in the streets
    Nationality: Slovene

    Age: 23

    Countries visited: 10-15

    The Trip: I arrived on the island by boat with Lefka Ori. The trip was good with no delays

    Reasons for going to Lefkada: Recommended by friends

    Idea before arriving: I heard about the amazing beaches there, checked the photos on the internet and decided to spend a week there

    I was extremely disappointed about the waste, not on the beaches, but everywhere else!!!!

    Favorite things about the Lefkada

    -Best Beaches: Porto Katsiki!!!, Gialos Beach, Kalamitsi (all west beaches are amazing)

    -Best Villages: Nidri (Lefkada as well)

    -Best Activity: swimming and sunbathing :)

    Negative opinion about Lefkada island

    Clean the whole island, it’s too beautiful to be ruined like that!!! It’s horrible to see waste everywhere. There should be more dustbins around and people should be told about how this can ruin tourism there and should take better care of the treasure they possess. The nature is the whole island not only the beaches!!! I must confess that this island seems like heaven, but the view on waste destroys that feeling. It seemed to me as if people don’t know that litterbins exist and they consider the whole island as one big litterbin, except for the beaches. Horrible!!!!

    Recommendations for future visitors to Lefkada

    East beaches are not nearly as beautiful as west beaches. And please keep the paradise clean!!!

    Rating of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries

  • BOUBOUAK 20 Nov 2006
    Cheap food and very good nightlife
    Nationality: Greek

    Age: 54

    Countries visited: 10-15

    The Trip: I arrived on the island by car

    Reasons for going to Lefkada: I have been before

    Idea before arriving in Lefkada: The beaches are the most beautiful you can imagine (kathisma, porto katsiki, egremnoi), food was nice and cheap especially fresh fish ,weather was also excellent and the nightlife very good

    - Island/Area : 8/10

    - Landscapes : 8/10

    - Tree Covered : 6/10

    - Beaches and Waters : 20/10 *************

    - Cleanliness : 7/10

    - Villages beauty : 7/10

    - Main Town beauty : 7/10

    - Food/Restaurants : 8/10

    - Nightlife : 6/10

    - Local People : 8/10

    - Lifestyle : 7/10

    - Activities : 8/10

    - Excursions & Sightseeing : 10/10

    - Prices : 9/10

    - Authenticity : 10/10

    - Peace and quiet : 8/10

    - Weather : 10/10

    Opinion about the accommodations on Lefkada:

    - General, for Accommodation : 9/10

    - Location (surroundings) : 10/10

    - Access (distance from town, beach) : 9/10

    - Facilities (air-condition, telephone, TV) : 8/10

    - Comfort : 10/10

    - Service : 9/10

    - Cleanliness/hygiene : 10/10

    - Price : 10/10

    Opinion about attractions:

    - General, for attractions - recreations : 7/10

    - Variety : 6/10

    - Infrastructures : 10/10

    - Cleanliness/hygiene : 10/10

    - Service/Guidance : 10/10

    - Prices : 10/10

    Opinion about Travel and Transportation on Lefkada:

    - General, for travel & transportation : 8/10

    - Transfers : 10/10 I don’t know

    - Friendliness, information and help : 10/10

    - Service : 8/10

    - Ticket prices : 10/10

    - Cleanliness/hygiene : 8/10

    - Safety/Security : 8/10

    Favorite things about Lefkada

    -Best Beaches: Kathisma - Porto Katsiki - Egremnoi

    -Best Villages: Agios Nikitas - Nydri - Sivota

    Negative opinion about Lefkada island:

    Nothing negative to say.

    Recommendations for future visitors: Go to visit Lefkada and enjoy the great beaches and fantastic food.

    Rating of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries


  • Car_Miller 31 Oct 2006
    Such beautiful scenery
    Nationality: British

    Age: 29

    Countries visited: 10-15

    The trip: I arrived on the island by plane and boat. The trip was good

    Reasons for going to Lefkada: Recommended by friends

    Idea of the island/area before arriving: Our parents have been holidaying here for years and have told us all about the wonderful scenery so we thought we were prepared

    - Island/Area : 10/10

    - Landscapes : 10/10

    - Tree Covered : 10/10

    - Beaches and Waters : 10/10

    - Cleanliness : 9/10

    - Villages : 10/10

    - Main Town : 7/10

    - Food/Restaurants : 10/10

    - Nightlife : 10/10

    - Local People : 10/10

    - Accommodations : 7/10

    - Activities : 10/10

    - Excursions : 10/10

    - Sightseeing : 10/10

    - Prices : 8/10

    - Public Transportations : 8/10

    - Authenticity : 10/10

    - Peace and quiet : 10/10

    - Weather : 10/10

    Best Beaches: Milos is heaven on earth

    Best Activity: Hiring a motor boat

    Best Bar/Pub/Club: beach bar at agios Nikitas

    Anything negative about the island or needs improvement: Horns in Nidri are annoying

    Recommendations: Go to Agios Nikitas but not too many of you!

    Rate of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries: 10/10.

  • anna_scalco 31 Aug 2006
    It was amazing and very relaxing
    Nationality: Italian

    Age: 24

    Date on the island: July 18 2006

    Countries visited: >5-10

    The trip: I took a Minoan Lines ferry boat to get to Lefkada. The trip was good and we had no delays

    Reasons for going to Lefkada: My family and I have spent holidays in greece for many many years.

    I had gone to Lefkada in the past, but I had forgotten how beautiful it is.

    - Island/area: 9/10

    - Landscapes: 10/10

    - Tree Covered: 10/10

    - Beaches & waters: 10/10

    - Cleanliness: 1010

    - Villages: 9/10

    - Main Town: 10/10

    - Food/ restaurants: 10/10

    - Nightlife: 8/10

    - Local people: 10/10

    - Accommodations: 10/10

    - Activities: 10/10

    - Excursions: 10/10

    - Sightseeing: 10/10

    - Prices: 10/10

    - Public Transportations: NA

    - Authenticity 10/10

    - Peace & quiet 10/10

    - Weather 10/10

    More: It was amazing and very relaxing.

    Best Beaches : Amousso Beach, Porto Katsii, Agiofili beach

    Best Villages : Vassiliki

    Best Activity : Snorkeling

    Best Bar/Pub/Club :

    Best Restaurant : Grill House Ioannis

    Negative opinion: Sometimes roads are difficult, because there are holes..

    Recommendations: I suggest a sun umbrella

    I plan to come again to Lefkada and I will try to recommend it to as many people as I can.

    Rate of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries: 9/10.

  • koeleng 01 May 2006
    Great island and windsurfing conditions
    Nationality: Holland

    Age: 28

    The trip: Plane and bus. It was a nice trip and met friendly people.

    Reasons for going to Lefkada: I knew it was a really beautiful place with nice people and great weather. I am coming on this island every summer for 5 years.

    Idea before arriving: The first time I came I knew just a little about the island. A friend of mine proposed me to follow him for a two week sailing trip. The boat was moored in Lefkada. I saw some pictures on the internet and really looked amazing. It wasn't my first trip to Greece as I went in the Cyclades Islands once but Lefkada looked totally different. It had these many cliffs and incredible beaches and the town looked very colourful.

    Expectations and opinions: It really met my expectations. Lefkada is a great island and must say I felt in love with it. That is the reason why I have spent so many holidays on this island. I felt in love with the beaches and must say that I never saw such beautiful beaches and waters elsewhere. I learned some windsurfing and kite surfing and enjoy that much. Lefkada has the particularity to be a windy place but only in particular hours of the day. There are no many villages except from the capital and the few mountain villages. There are some villages/touristy industry/resorts on the est part of the island but not very beautiful place. The capital is really charming and unique.

    Favorite thing about Lefkada: The beaches of the island (Porto Katsiki for bathing and Miloi for wind/kite surfing). The walks in town after great dinners and the friendly and helpful local people.

    Negative opinion: There is really nothing negative about the island. Maybe that it can be very windy for those who do not enjoy watersports or sailing.

    Recommendations: Just to go to Lefkada. It is a great island not yet saturated but mass tourism. Go there in June, July or September.

    I will definitely go back there next year again!
  • tenig 22 Jan 2006
    Incredible beaches and many things to do
    Nationality: Netherlands

    Age: 41

    The trip: We went to Ancona (Italy) by car and then took the ferry to Igoumenitsa and then car again to Lefkada Island.

    Reasons for going to Lefkada: Because it wasn't our first time in Greece and more specificaly on Lefkas Island. A few years ago we went sailing in Greece. The owner of the boat was in Lefkas so Lefkas was the starting point for our boat trip. We found that Lefkas was a great place with extraordinary beaches and many things to do.

    Idea before arriving: That Lefkas was an interestingn island only by the fact that it is connected to the mainland by a bridge and that made the island easely reachable.

    Expectations and opinions: Yes, the island of Lefkas met our expectations. It is a really beautiful island and you don't get bored here. I like this place much and could go there every year. The beaches of Kalamitsi and Kathisma are incredible. The village of Lefkas is also unique. I like it much even if very different that one can imagine of a greek village. The village of Nidri is too touristy.

    Favorite thing about Lefkada: Hotel Adriatica and Kathisma beach.

    Negative opinion: I really don't like the village of Nidri and its lack of authenticity. If you like fake greece, fake food and accommodation then Nidri is the perfect place for you. It is too touristy. Everything there is made for the tourists. Similar food, similar shops.

    Recommendations: Just visit it all. There are many incredible places. Go to Vassiliki try windsurfing and to Agios Ioannis for Kitesurfing.

    Yes, I hope that we will return next year.

  • fr_eddie 22 Nov 2005
    Mainlands ancient sites easily reachable
    Nationality: French

    Age: 35

    The trip: We arrived at Corfu airport and then we took the ferry boat from Corfu to Igoumenitsa. The trip was good.

    Reasons for going to Lefkada: We have alsredy visited Corfu and we wanted to visit other Ionian Islands. Lefkada is not far from the mainland of Greece. It is very easy to reach the ancient sites.

    Idea before arriving: Before arriving I got some information about the island. We knew that the beaches were fine and the landscapes very nice. We knew that lefkada was not overcrowded by tourists.

    Expectations and opinions: We are really satisfied with Lefkada Island and it met our expectations.

    Favorite thing about Lefkada: The landscapes and the beaches. And our accommodation.

    Negative opinion: No showers anywhere on the beaches.

    Recommendations: Agios Nikitas + Porto Katsiki

    I hope we will manage to come again to this beautiful island. We still have Zakynthos and Ithaka and Kefalonia to visit.
  • stahl 18 Oct 2005
    Extraordinary beaches and very green
    Nationality: Swedish

    Age: 34 & 37

    The trip: We flew. The trip was ok. We skip the flight food as we took an excellent bruch at Arlanda.

    Reasons for going to Lefkada: We took a last minute opportunity. We wanted to go to Italy but didn't found what we were looking for. So we turned to Greece were we had good past experience.

    Idea before arriving: That it would be similar to other Greek Islands.

    Expectations and opinions: It met my expectations as it is a Greek island but very diferent from what we were used in the Aegean Sea. It was more Green than Crete! There are some really extraordinary beaches as there are some that really not good. The villages are really beautiful. All of them in their different manners. The main town is unique. Some people love ot, some other hate it. Personaly I loved it! The food is in general really good there.

    Favorite thing about Lefkada: The weather and colour of the sea.

    Negative opinion: The traffic.

    Recommendations: The local bus is a bargain and in excellent conditions.

    Perhaps we will go to Leucada again. One never knows...

  • clara 03 Oct 2005
    Like a tropical place
    Lefkada was a good experience for us and we had a lot of fun.

    We arrived in Greece by plane, in Athens and took the bus to Lefkada. We arrived in the capital of the island.

    The town is really original, a bit bizarre: it mainly has wooden houses covered with coloured metal sheet. We asked the reason of this strange architecture and they told us that the entire town had been reconstructed after a great earthquake and that the new way of building it was in order to protect it from eventual earthquakes. We slept in various accommodations and we used the bus for our transportation; bus was okay for the east coast of the island but things got difficult for the western part because there, the bus was really infrequent;

    We visited a lot of picturesque villages (the best was Kalamitsi, the oldest village of Lefkada) and went to incredibly beautiful beaches like Kathisma, Porto Katsiki and more. They were endless, with soft white or golden sand and superb turquoise waters; it was as if we were in a tropical place but without the palm trees. Real heaven.
  • fred_ast 25 Sep 2005
    Lefkada by boat
    We left the port of Marseille with our yacht my wife and I.

    We were looking for a challenge and we weren?t disappointed by this adventure when we arrived to Lefkada, Greece. We moored at the little port of Nidri which charmed us immediately. The small town of Nidri was really attractive it had a gorgeous beach nearby, many bars, cafes and restaurants. It was, as we say, a cosmopolitan place.

    Thanks to our boat we discovered many incredible beaches and coves which made our holidays real heaven.
  • naish78 27 Jul 2005
    Lefkada: Surfing in Lefkada
    I left with a group of friends from Ancona to go to Greece by boat and car; we arrived at Patras and from there we made about 4 hours to reach Lefkada (it is linked to the main Greece by a bridge so it is the only island reachable by car).
    We went to this island especially to windsurf because we knew that it has excellent wind conditions.
    We stayed in a camping and surf all day long at the beach of Vassiliki.
    I think that Lefkada is perfect holidays because it has good winds (thermal one and guarantied every day), its beaches are really beautiful and its waters are amazing. Best time ever!