Lefkada Local products

Discover the local products of Lefkada! The island is known for the beautiful traditional embroideries made in the village of Karia, but Lefkada also produces a large variety of agricultural products.

More specifically, the most renowned local products of Lefkada include:
• Handmade embroidery called karpetes (woolen bedspreads for looms that can also be used as carpets) and madanies (light-colored wool bedspreads in combinations of geometric shapes) made with the infamous Karsani stitch - a stitch originating from Karia village
• Oil pie with flour and oil as its main ingredients
• Lentils from Eglouvi village
• Lefkadian salami and sausages
Rosoli - a traditional yellowish liqueur containing orange and cinnamon
• Wine made from the rare Vertzami and Vardea grape varieties
• Thyme honey from Athani village
• Sweets like pasteli (sesame seed candy) and mandolato (nougat)