Lefkada Geography

Lefkada belongs to the Ionian Islands, located on the western side of Greece. It is positioned between Corfu and Kefalonia and is the fourth-largest island of the Ionian. Very close to the western part of mainland Greece, Lefkada is the only island connected to the mainland with a small 50-meter floating bridge. The total land surface of the island is 295 sq. km.

The geography of Lefkada mainly consists of mountains, whereas fertile plains can be seen near the coast. The highest peak is Mount Elati rising 1158 meters above sea level. On the mainland, there are abrupt mountains, while the coastline is characterized by steep rock sides and beaches with crystal water. Two sea lakes are located to the north of the island, at the edge of Lefkada Town.

Around Lefkada, there are many small islands with green vegetation and nice beaches. Meganisi is the most famous, but there are also even smaller islands, like Skorpios, Kastos, and Sparti. The coastline of these islands and of Lefkada stands out for its coves and secret caves, which are strongly connected to the local history and mythology.

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