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Discover our interactive Map of Lefkada: Lefkada is characterized by its verdant forests and fertile valleys that reach its coasts. Lefkada's deep religious roots are apparent through the number of Orthodox churches, archaeological sites, and museums. The beautifully well-preserved town of Lefkada combines a plethora of traditional features and world-famous facilities which attract hundreds of tourists in the summer. A trip to the settlements is a chance to experience the warm hospitality and cheerful mood of the locals. The island is ideal for all tastes and ages.

Where is Lefkada? Lefkada belongs to the famous Ionian complex and is connected to the Greek mainland via a bridge. It lies below Kefalonia and above Zakynthos. The island is extremely blessed with impressive landscapes, endless golden sandy beaches with crystalline waters, traditional villages and several busy tourist resorts that suggest a plethora of summer activities.

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Map Of Lefkada