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On the upper right corner of Lefkada island, you will find Lefkada Town, the capital of this Ionian gem and its first meeting point with mainland Greece. Home to over 8600 residents, this town is a picturesque place ideal for a holiday visit. It offers a wide selection of beaches for your everyday bathing and many fun activities for each time of day, such as sightseeing, casual strolling, or even bar-hopping!

Filled with history, Lefkada Town is fit for expeditions centered around museums and churches. However, since it lies several kilometers away from the infamous beaches of Lefkada, like Porto Katsiki and Egremni, renting a vehicle if you don't visit the island with your own car is highly recommended, in order to be able to explore and enjoy the charming island to the fullest!


Brief History

Lefkada was initially a peninsula, but around the 7th century BC, the Corinthians colonized the region and created a strait for defensive purposes, turning it into an island. After that, it was successively ruled by the Romans (around the 2nd century AD), the French (given to a count-member of the Orsini noble family), the Ottoman Turks, and most notably the Venetians.
Under Venetian hegemony, Lefkada did not prosper and excel in arts and cultural background, like the rest of the Venetian-ruled Ionians did, but more advanced organizing techniques around ruling were indeed put in place.
After 1797, the French were briefly in control of Lefkada, followed by a period in thrall to the Russian-Turkish, and another stint under French rule again in 1807, finally succumbing to the British around 1810, who imposed a strict set of laws, but also reformed Lefkada Town and the rest of the island, mostly regarding public works, bridges and aqueducts.
The island of Lefkada was annexed to Greece in 1864, along with the rest of the Ionian islands. After that, Lefkada Town kept being expanded around the agora, even after a destructive earthquake in 1948.


The Santa Mavra Castle, located about 1km away from Lefkada Town, might as well be the first magnificent sight that catches your attention, as you'll see it on your right-hand side if you visit Lefkada by car or by KTEL bus. A trademark of the island's history, this castle served as a defensive anchor back in the 14th century. The iconic wooden bridge, right next to Lefkada Town's entrance, will be another popular visiting choice for anyone interested in the castle's history. Being a large tourist attraction, this fascinating bridge near the town entrance was first constructed back in the early 2000s.
Moreover, the Aggelos Sikelianos museum is a must-visit, since it hosts most works by Lefkada's renowned poet, as well as excerpts from his life, such as rare handwritten texts, photographs and voice recordings. It is located right at the center of Lefkada Town, making it really easy to find. 
The area is also home to the Archaeological Museum of Lefkada, which boasts four rooms full of exhibits from the Paleolithic up until the Late Roman eras. 
Finally, the sea lakes near the island's entrance offer a fascinating view, great for a stroll around the town streets, or a bike ride! It is a home to various species, like ducks, pelicans, seagulls and herons, and also a temporary house to swans during the winter. This beautiful wetland is a part of the NATURA 2000 preservation program.


Kastro and Ammoglossa are the main beach preferences amongst residents and visitors, as they're right next to Santa Mavra castle and really close to Lefkada Town (about 1.5 km away).
Kastro, with its sandy shores and shallow waters, is ideal for children, and you may also find some umbrellas and sunbeds to rent, too.
Ammoglossa, on the other hand, is less of an organized beach, so you won't find any parasols to use. The shore offers a direct view of the castle, and the shallow waters also make this a family-friendly choice for taking a dip, although you have to consider the possibility of some strong winds.
Gira (Gyra) beach is located on the same small peninsula as Ammoglossa and Kastro, only about 3kms west of the previous beaches. It features stunning turquoise-blue waters along its 2-kilometer-long coast filled with sand lilies, the sea is quite shallow, and the cafe (canteen) at the beach offers plenty of refreshments, as well as a parking lot and some sunbeds to rent.
Another preferred beach destination near Lefkada Town is Agios Ioannis, just 600 meters south of Gira. The beach of Agios Ioannis is fit for kitesurfing because of the big waves that usually form in the afternoon, usually in the afternoon, therefore you can also spot a lifeguard during summertime. This mesmerizing seashore has also been awarded a cleanliness award, so feel free to bathe in its waters or gaze towards them, while having a good time at one of the nearest cafes, like the one situated inside an old unused windmill.

All of these beaches are really easy to go to and offer plenty of parking space for visitors, but the last two are also approachable on foot through Fryni Town, if you're well prepared for a 40-minute walk with little to no shading.

Restaurants and Nightlife

There's a large number of restaurants in Lefkada Town, most of them along the island's seaside, although there are some close to the city's center. Most taverns and street food canteens are reasonably priced, but you can also find restaurants that offer a deluxe experience if that so happens to fit your exquisite taste.
Cafes, on the other hand, are mostly situated towards the inner parts of the town, ranging from big-name coffee brands to local shops.
A collection of quality bars and clubs can also be found around Lefkada Town's center, covering a wide spectrum of choices, like a casual bar for a beer or two, or a frenetic night out at a local dance club.


Given the island's popularity, one would expect hotels in Lefkada Town to be pricier, however, the prices seem to have a starting point as low as 35 euros per night if you prefer staying in a simple apartment right outside town. Most inner city hotels carry a price tag that's around 50-70 euros/night, and there's an abundance of lush villas around Fryni, a town no further than 10 mins away by car from Lefkada Town's center.

Ways to Move Around 

If you prefer your stay to be centered around Lefkada Town, then you can get away without having to rent a car, because crossing through the entire city takes no more than 15 minutes, making it extremely easy to stroll around throughout your visit. Furthermore, there's a local bus line you can use to get transferred to the beaches mentioned (Lefkada - Kastro - Gira, available Monday through Saturday).
On the other hand, if you're looking forward to visiting other parts of Lefkada as well, you can always rent a car, take a taxi or use one of many KTEL buses that can take you anywhere along the island, namely: Lygia, Nikiana, Nidri, Vasiliki, Agios Nikitas, Kathisma Beach, Vlycho, Karya, Kalamitsi, Eglouvi, Poros, Katochori, Syvota, Fterno, Vournika, Syvros, Agios Ilias and Athani. Some of these bus lines are not daily, though, so take a look at the bus schedules in order not to miss your destination!

Lefkada Town offers three large municipal parking lots that are free to the public, two of which are towards the northern side of the city, and the other one is situated south, a bit further away from the center, but closer to the large supermarkets in town.

Hotels in Town

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Allure Central Boutique

Hotel4 stars

Allure Central Boutique Hotel is a modern boutique hotel with a unique interior design and a stylish atmosphere. Ideally located for central accommodation, it can be found in the streets of Lefkada Town. It comes with a car parking area for its guests and a breakfast room to start your day.

Recommended by Greeka

Bohemian Boutique


With a location that is perfect for central accommodation, The Secret Boutique Hotel can be found in the Town of Lefkada. The hotel features a small yard, as well as a terrace that offers a nice view of the picturesque neighborhoods of the town. Its rooms have a traditional design.

Recommended by Greeka

The Secret Boutique

Hotel4 stars

The Secret Boutique Hotel is set in the traditional alleys of Lefkada Town, 50 m from the central square, 100 m from Phonograph Museum and 200 m from Agia Kiriaki Church.


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