Lefkada Porto Katsiki beach

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The seashore of Porto Katsiki in Lefkada is possibly the primary beach attraction of Lefkada and one of the finest beaches in Greece and the Mediterranean Sea! Spotted on the southwestern coasts of Lefkada, Porto Katsiki’s natural beauty is unparalleled since its striking white cliffs (a staple of Lefkada Beaches) serve as a magnificent backdrop to this beautiful shore!

Featuring a half-moon shape, Porto Katsiki showcases a mesmerizing pebbly shore that blends perfectly with the bright, turquoise-colored waters of the sea! Its deep seabed makes it perfect for a refreshing swim, though keep in mind that this shore gets populated during the high season!

A partly-organized seashore, Porto Katsiki has some on-the-beach facilities, such as a handful of sunbeds and umbrellas, as well as a beach bar before the entrance. In addition, this beach can be approached by car (with paid parking near the shore), by private boat, or by a wildly popular water taxi!

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2 Reviews
  • bigdog71995 01 Dec 2008
    Great beach
    Porto Katsiki is soooooo beautiful. It is definetely one of my top5 favourite beaches in Greece that I went to. Maybe even top3.
  • johan 18 Jun 2008
    The best beach ever
    The best beach ever!! Going there was difficult but it was worth it 100% percent!! Very blue water, scenic landscape, great view from the beach bar on top!! I can't descibe you the feeling there, I never thought there was a beach like that in Greece. I believed you could find such beaches only in the Carribean.