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General information

The beach of Egremni in Lefkada is regarded as one of the most awe-inspiring seashores in the Mediterranean, boasting an astonishing contrast between its white sand-and-pebble coast and the light-blue colors of the sea! A tranquil, secluded destination, Egremni has deep seabed and salty waters, spotted on the southwestern coasts of Lefkada. Its surrounding white cliffs are a sight to behold, and they also provide some natural shading throughout the day!

Egremni is a partly-organized beach destination, featuring a lack of on-the-beach tourist facilities since there is only a spot renting out beach umbrellas, and the only bar-restaurant near the beach is situated right before its entrance! On top of that, it is quite rough to access since its remote spot can only be reached via a water taxi from Vassiliki or the newly-rebuilt staircase by the asphalt road, taking you directly to these wonderful shores!

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2 Reviews
  • mbogdanrares 04 Aug 2009
    One of the most beautiful in the world
    The Egremni beach was absolutely breathtaking... Blue crystalclear water, mountains behind you and the best barman I have ever met (He gives you drinks for free)... I spent 10 day on the island and I saw a lot of beautiful beaches and I was overwhelmed by the contrast between the mountains and the sea... I know for sure where will I spent my next holiday...
    You should rent a motorbike and travel all over the island, is the best way to fell that you are there and you can have an unique sensation floating on the small and curved mountain roads...
  • piacorde 03 Sep 2008
    Crystal water
    I believe Egremni is the best beach on Lefkada. Porto Katsiki was also fine, but too crowded. Egemni though is equally well-organized and as popular as other known beaches on Lefkada. We had some difficulty to find it because the roads were not well-signed but at the end we saw from a turn a gorgeous, long beach. You have to park the car at the road and then you climb down some stairs to reach the coast. The water is crystal, you don't even need a mask to see the bottom of the sea. Make sure you are a good swimmer because there are some waves and no lifeguards.