Lefkada Santa Mavra

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Location: Town

The tiny church of Agia Mavra in its current form is a result of the reconstruction of an older chapel of Agia Mavra which took place sometime during the late 19th century. It is located in the Castle that was named after the saint during the 14th century. It is not only dedicated to Saint Mavra, but also to Saint Timotheos.

Despite its small size and simple interior, the church holds great cultural importance and has a rich history. During the 15th century, it was turned into a mosque by the Ottomans and it only became a Christian temple again during the years of the Venetian occupation. Then, it was destroyed by the British in 1810 and it was rebuilt again years later, only to become encroached by German troops during the Second World War.

The church's most recent reconstruction allows it to be open to the public. To spot its precise location, look for the stone-built belltower located right outside. Upon entering, you will see the icon of Saint Mavra and a minimal altarpiece.

Agia Mavra is the patron saint of the island and the church celebrates every year on May 3rd.



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