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The village of Vassiliki in Lefkada is a picturesque fishing village and harbor, quite popular among tourists and Greek travelers. It is located 38 km from the capital of Lefkada and its population reaches 400 inhabitants, most of whom are engaged in fishing and tourism.

The village lies around the natural bay close to a verdant plain. Its quaint port is very much in action during the summer season, accommodating a great number of tourists to the neighboring islands of Ithaca and Kefalonia as well as the nearby beaches that can only be accessed by boat. Around the edges, you will find some nice seafood restaurants.

Over the years, Vassiliki has developed a high tourist profile that attracts many people. However, this region is much preferred by windsurfers when the weather allows it. The main beach of Vassiliki is well-organized with sunbeds, umbrellas and water sports centers. The area is home to many nice accommodations, camping sites, local shops, cafes and restaurants.

From the port of Vassiliki, visitors can take a water taxi to either Egremni and Porto Katsiki beaches or Agiofili beach. All three beaches are of exceptional beauty, boasting crystal-clear waters and sandy coasts.

West of the village lies Pondi, a settlement that locals consider a district of Vassiliki. It is built around a small bay and hosts several hotels. It offers a breathtaking view of Vassiliki and the azure Ionian Sea, while it is also home to several points of interest like old churches, natural springs and traditional windmills.

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2 Reviews
  • age_33 29 Nov 2009
    Charming fishing village
    Lefkada keeps all the great characteristics of the Ionian Islands, such as the blue-green stunning sea water, sandy beaches, green hills and picturesque villages hidden within them. Lefkadahas a wild beauty! Most of the beaches were hidden below crag cliffs, that were difficult to reach, but the white sand and the beauty of that island rewards you every minute.

    We stayed in Vasiliki, a beautiful and enchanting village by the sea. Vasiliki is a fishing village. With a small port and local boats that can take you even to some unreachable beaches. Ask the locals for small trips or just routes to these beaches. Many fish tavernas and restaurants are always there of course, fish is fresh and delicious! Vasiliki beach has white sand and provides many water sports and activities. Can be a bit crowded in August, especially because of its popularity to windsurfers. Hope we'll visit again Lefkada sometime soon, and discover another village with the same or even more charm.
  • stepbbr 04 May 2009
    Hear the waves at night
    Vassiliki is a good location to stay in Lefkada. We stayed in Dimitris Studios as we needed a small, average priced place to spend a week. In general, we prefer family-run studios to big hotels, as we like our vacations to be cozy and quiet. The beach was in a walking distance from out hotel but we also went to other beaches by car.

    Buses are horrible in Lefkada and in most Greek islands, to tell the truth: always crowded and never on time. The roads on the island are asphaulted and very narrow sometimes. Especially the road to Porto Katsiki. I was surprised to see that the road to the most famous beach on Lefkada was almost track. The beach bar above Porto Katsiki is a great place to relax. From Vassiliki, you can also see other nice beaches (Sivota, Kathisma, Egremni). The eastern side of Lefkada has the best beaches, while the western side is more tourist.

    Nightlife almost doesn't exist there, except for a couple of nice bars in Nidri and the Town. At night, the only thing to do is to hear the sound of the waves, which is pretty worthy in our days.