Lefkada Libraries

The Libraries of Lefkada Greece, in the Ionian: Lefkada is an island with a long history and rich cultural heritage. Many famous and important people of the modern Greek culture were born and grown up in Lefkada. This effort to keep the high cultural level of the inhabitants is seen till today in the rare and significant libraries of Lefkada town. In particular, two are the most important libraries of the island: the Public Library and the Charamoglios Special Library.

The Public Library is ideally located in the center of Lefkada town. It is housed in a rather elegant two-storied edifice with a distinct neoclassical architectural feature, built at the end of the 19th century. This edifice originally belonged to Panos Zoulinos but in 1953 it was sold to the Greek Government, which turned it into a public library. The library is well stocked with a huge number of books and manuscripts, a collection of Byzantine icons, gravures, holy books and personal items of the poetess Klareti Dipla- Malamou. The library is housed on the ground floor of the building while the upper floor houses the Museum of Byzantine Icons.

The Charamoglios Special Library of Lefkada presents exclusively the work of local artists. The library was founded in 1974 by Aristotelis Charamoglis. It includes a rare collection of books, manuscripts that date to the 15th century, gravures, newspapers, postcards, and maps that are relevant to the island of Lefkada. You should know that Charamoglios Library has figured in the Guinness Book of Records for its rare collection. This library also hosts the Nikos Svoronos collection of manuscripts, books and personal items of the great Lefkadite historian.